Squealing baby

Wow, I really haven't posted in forever. Dennis started working on our computer room floors a little over a week ago. They are finally down and now I have my computer back with lovely flooring beneath my feet. There are still a few things to fix, a small area to paint (although our next project is to re-paint the entire computer room), put base boards back down, put closet doors back on (although I kind of like it without the doors), and put a very small area of boards down.

My little bean is doing really well and is growing so fast! This morning Nolan started squealing when he smiles! I think he is finally catching up to where she should be developmentally. I just put him in his rocker and he is finally reaching for toys and I swear he is dancing to my aol radio music that is on...of course Nolan loves Lady Gaga! He is "dancing" so much he is actually rocking himself. This is a far cry from the days of maternity leave when Nolan would sit in his rocker, force me to rock the rocker for him while I try to type, and spit his binky out at me in hopes to knock one of my teeth out...or give me a bloody nose like his cousin Greta does to her mommy.

Speaking of...HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUSIN GRETA! We all love you and can't wait to meet you! Miss Greta just turned the big ONE, yay!

Daycare is going much better and Nolan is finally able to take naps there. Phew! I do notice that Nolan has a habit of coming home with clothes, burp cloths, and sometimes even diapers that are not his. I'm not freaking out over this anymore and think it's exciting that my son is stealing other children's belongings so that he may have more clothes and such. He loves his mommy!

OH!! And....Nolan is forming dimples on his cheeks. I LOVE IT! Now I just want to kiss and pinch his cheeks even more.

Everyday I find it amazing how my love grows daily for this little man. I can't explain it in words and I know I'll never be able to. He is the most amazing person I have EVER met in my life!

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michelle k

The squeals! You're taking video, right? Those are some of my very favorites from Miss and I'm already looking forward to them with Baby #2! Oh and your last paragraph... LOVE it and I totally know what you mean. You're blog makes me smile :)

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