The Obligatory "Daycare Post"

Well I did it, I took Nolan to daycare...for a couple of hours. The hardest couple of hours of my life. I wonder, do they have pills for adult separation anxiety? If not, can we work on that? I am actually proud of myself, I held it together while at the daycare. I smiled and laughed and asked questions, I acted "normal". The director kept asking me if I was okay, do other mothers go through this their first time too? Of course I smiled back, "oh I'm just fine". When I got in the car though...the flood gates of tears opened up...I held it in as long as I could. There was a strange woman (whose english is not that great) holding my son, what if my son wonders where mommy is?, what if something drastic happens while I'm gone, what if he cries continuously? I know, all irrational fears but I'm a new mommy! Nolan wasn't even crying when I dropped him off, so I'm sure he is fine, and the lady who has broken english was really nice. There is always the "fairy godmother" there that has been there for 11 years (really she looks like the fairy godmother on Shrek) and she is great. I came home and made myself a sandwich...for the first time I was not rushing and throwing random things on pieces of bread in an attempt to run back upstairs to save Nolan from his crib before he started screaming. Wow, amazing! Think of all I can get done on Monday...and all of the crying to be done as well.

Onto other, less sad news...well actually..not really. Yesterday, Nolan got his 2 month shots. There were 4 injections and 1 liquid shot which Nolan drank up, thirsty baby! I made Dennis be right there with Nolan when he got the shots, I hid in the corner with my hand over my face. No..really..I did. Nolan really didn't cry for too long and I only had to give him two rounds of Tylenol. No issues at all! Nolan does have little bumps in his legs but the nurse said that is normal, poor thing! Here's my strong little boy...

Even more news...while Nolan was asleep this morning (until 10:30am) I could smell his poopy all the way down the hall and in our bedroom. I thought the puppy pooped for sure, but when I rescued Nolan from his crib I knew there was going to be something special about that diaper change. Wow...I never knew something so horrendous could come from something so precious! BTW...I'm sorry for writing about this Nolan, but really I could smell it down the hall, and your door was closed!

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He is truly a beautiful baby!

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