Convincing him I should be a SAHM!

Okay so tomorrow is the big terrible day...I go back to work. I have to say I am somewhat looking forward to it for the adult interaction and seeing my friends there but soon I will regret going back early, I just know it! I do have an argument to staying at home, whether it works or it doesn't (it really won't, but I can try right?).

Here is my argument....
With me being home I am saving us money, not just because I'm saving gas or anything like that but because of me I am finding out GREAT websites to help us as a family. Today alone I have found two amazing websites. First off, yesterday we cleaned out the garage and Dennis has a ton of electronics (including an old school xbox and tons of games) he has refused to get rid of and every year says, "I'm going to recycle that" and then it sits in our garage until the next year's cleaning out. Well today I found out that Walmart has a trade in program. You can trade in all sorts of products and they will send you a visa giftcard to Walmart. Now...I don't really like Walmart but if I'm getting free money to shop there, I'll do it. Thanks to me I found somewhere for all Dennis' crappy electronics to go and get paid for it!

Secondly, I found another website called Alice.com. I still have not mastered it or ordered yet, but the reviews are raving. It is a website which has TONS of products that you normally buy at the grocery store. They compare prices to other retailers for products on their website (I checked the other sites, and their price comparisons are accurate) and they are almost always cheaper. PLUS, you NEVER pay for shipping. They remind you to buy things after a certain time period, they find coupons automatically and apply that to your order EVERY time without you having to cut coupons (which we just started..and it is a pain!). I can't wait to get a list together and order from here. And since you aren't paying for shipping it really doesn't matter if you buy from them weekly, like grocery shopping! It's so exciting!

So maybe, just maybe Dennis will read this tonight and have an epiphany that I should stay at home and continue to save us money! Not to mention not needing daycare, gas, etc...it's perfect! I'll make sure Dennis reads this when he gets home and you all should begin to pray for me! ;)

Dear head cold (or whatever you are),
Please go away. More than likely my above post is not going to do any good and I am going to be FORCED to go back to work tomorrow morning. I cannot go to work and pretend to look happy if I am sick. Right now I can barely eat and all I am doing is sleeping because of you and I'm still tired. So PLEASE, think about what you're doing to me. I have new clothes and shoes I would like to look nice tomorrow, refreshed and happy to be back to work (even if it is all a lie!!). So please pack up and get the hell out!


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