I haven't posted in so long...well it feels like that to me anyway. Here are my thoughts for the day...

I have come to realize that unless you have a child, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. You may say I'm a "drama queen" because I don't want to leave the house and meet you somewhere because my child is taking a nap, but someday you will understand. And when that someday comes, you will get NO sympathy from me. How have mothers done this "mothering" thing for so long. I dread going anywhere because I know what that ensues (this does include more than just a panic attack) and it's just not worth it, unless it's an all day outing or something. People who don't have children just don't get what mothers go through, it's hard, emotional, tiring, and so many other things. It especially sucks when someone who is not even a mother talks to you in a negative manner about how or what you are doing with your child, for example...breastfeeding. Lets just get this straight right here, right now, this is not always the easiest thing known to man and it's damn near impossible if you have NO effing milk. Lets move past this, please stop asking me about my breastfeeding ability, I feel this is a very inappropriate conversation out in public when you don't know sh*t! Phew...okay I am stepping off of my soapbox now, I will stop cussing now and bring my heart rate down.

So I have been working out every morning (not so much on Saturday and Sunday, oops!) at 5am. I get my ass up and go to the gym and do my cardio and every other day my cardio and weight training. It has been almost two weeks with NO soda (I'm not sure how I'm still alive without caffeine), NO fast food, NO crap, and I'm basically drinking so much water I'm pretty sure I'm nearing the "unhealthy level" of water intake. Anywho, this morning after my usual workout I get home and yell up to Dennis, "hey I'm making some eggs, you want some?". Now this shouldn't be a difficult question, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not to mention eggs are healthy and full of protein. So Dennis says, "uhmmm....welll....ahhhh....I don't know...maybe....uhmmm...no I'm okay". Really? First off, it takes you that long to say no? Second off, what the heck? I am offering to make breakfast (this happens maybe once a year) and breakfast is important...and you won't be late to work. Why the hell would any normal person say no? So of course I'm like WTF? And then Dennis says, "welll....uhm...okay". Damn right, you're getting damn eggs and you're going to like it! After the eggs were done and I gave Dennis his bowl of eggs that he so desperately did not want, I interrogated him, yes interrogated. Are you having a breakfast ronde vu? Do you have some huge breakfast celebration planned this morning and I am not invited? Do you have other girlfriends that will be partaking in the breakfast that I am not invited to? No normal person says NO to having breakfast made for them. I just don't get it. Really? Do you hate my cooking? Yes I know I make things a little dry and burn things often, but damn...it's still edible. I never really did get an answer...but Dennis sure did eat the eggs!

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