I am finally back to working out...completely! I was sick last week and now I'm back and kicked my butt this morning at the gym. Getting to the gym is a different story...and not because I'm tired...or not motivated...but I know I'm going to have to go outside and with a bob cat on the loose and alligators all around...it's frightening! Dennis saw the alligator in our backyard/pond yesterday afternoon, creepy! I haven't seen one since June but I guess they're back! It doesn't help that I have to take Sadie out back in the morning and it is basically pitch black out, our little light doesn't go very far. Sometimes the deer run right in front of you and all you see is movement...I scream when that happens. What happens when it is the bobcat? It's no secret Sadie is not a ....fast mover. More like..."lets go see what that is, we can play...but it's going to take me an hour to waddle over there". This morning there was a frog with horns (I'm pretty sure that means stay away...) on the INSIDE of our screen...thereby trapping the frog in the screen...only way out is for me to open my door and then the screen...and even then the frog would be open to the inside of my house. Because of the damn frog me and Sadie went out front. Sadie did her business and then started pulling away from the house because she saw something down the street...yes we have street lights out front but it's still pitch black unless you are RIGHT under the damn light. I basically ran inside...pulling Sadie the whole way. Even though I hate my neighborhood when it's dark I love driving home from the gym because the sun is just barely coming up...such pretty colors against the palm trees. I love it!

In other news....
-Nolan only slept for about 15 minutes at daycare...ALL DAY yesterday :(
-My pink grapefruit acne scrub apparently does not work on acne or else I wouldn't have the biggest zit on the bridge of my nose
-I did cardio for a mile and then did about 45 minutes of strength training...I even ventured into the "land of the man"...free weights area, woot!

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michelle k

Oh my gosh, I think I would miss Texas too! And, Nolan only getting 15 mins of sleep literally makes me feel sick for you. :( Oh and just so you know, you are my inspiration to get my butt in gear once I have my baby. You jumped back in so quick post partum, I am very impressed.


I definitely miss Texas, you have NO idea! Nolan has started sleeping a bit more in the past couple of days at daycare, hopefully he can get used to it soon because my heart is breaking too often! Thanks for the kind words about being an inspiration...I'm pretty proud that I've been doing what I've been doing. I got the go ahead to start working out at just 5weeks post partum and even after having a c-section, wow! I'm sure you'll barely need to lose ANY weight after you have your little boy and then you can spend even more time with him and not having to worry about the gym!

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