Cuddle You and 10 Minutes of Halloween

This weekend Dennis has been working each day, 8 hours...blah! That's really okay because then I get bean all to myself and even if he's crying...his smell is still sooo intoxicating! Last week I talked to one of Nolan's teachers and we talked about how Nolan likes to be held and they are trying to break him of that. Growing up and being around as many children as I was I always heard how terrible it is to have a "hold me" baby. Well, I have one now, GASP!!! But I actually don't care. I don't really see the issue here...it's not like Nolan will be 50 years old and still wanting to be held...he will be broken from it one day but right now he needs his mommy and to be held by people. So I say to you daycare, "is it really that difficult to hold my baby longer than just feeding him? you have FOUR babies in your room with TWO teachers...I'm pretty sure this is doable". I am only going to get this baby stage one time with Nolan and I am going to enjoy it from him being in my arms...not by staring at him in his swing and saying "ha ha I told you you were going to learn to not be a hold me baby!"

Last night we went and got Nolan's Halloween costume....yes the outfit that he will wear for a total of 10 minutes MAYBE so that we can take pictures. But that's really okay...I would never forgive myself if Nolan didn't have a costume for his FIRST Halloween! I'm not going to disclose what he is going to be for the entirety of ten minutes, but it will be cute! I really struggled with this costume thing because there are about 10 different costumes in the entire world that are made each year for babies and then a million stores sell them at all different prices. So really...anyone that has had a baby recently will have seen Nolan's costume a million times before as they searched for their own costume this year. I really wanted Nolan to be something clever and something people had not seen on a million babies before, but oh well. My baby boy will still be the cutest this Halloween (and cousin Greta will be the cutest girl this Halloween) and that's all that really matters!

Next weekend is the Boo Fest and I'm gearing up for all the photos and fun with family...plus it is going to be our first night not at home (staying at my mom's) so we will have to start packing the car a good day or two before we leave. The only thing I can't seem to find is a Halloween outfit for Nolan to wear (it's going to be about 86 degrees, so no costume!)..has anyone seen any cute outfits he might be able to wear? We looked at Baby's R Us yesterday but they only had about three different types and some were too warm and others just looked entirely too big. Any suggestions?!

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Check Children's Place and Old Navy. They usually have some cute Halloween themed onesies but it might be slim pickins now. I hate that everyone buys it all up so early!


I saw some cute little Halloween outfits at Target (didn't look too closely at them though). I was at Old Navy today and they had a suprising amount of Halloween stuff left.

Can't wait to see Nolan's Halloween picks!

And keep holding him--like you said, one day he will stop wanting to be held (because if he is 12 and still wants to be held--that would be weird).


I was just at Target and couldn't find a damn piece of clothing for any age child...ugh! I was sure they would have some, I must have missed them somewhere! I'm on a mission!!

michelle k

Good luck!! Now I feel bad I asked what he was going to be on FB. I'll keep it a secret, don't worry ;)

I'm thinking we are on the same page with parenting. It's funny how some of the ideas you have fly out the window the minute the little one gets here. I know exactly what you mean about holding him "too much" and I agree, when he's 50 he's not going to need you or his wife to rock him to sleep. Soak it up and snuggle away! It goes by way to fast. I struggle with feeling so sad because it just feels so temporary. I'm so glad we have our blogs to look back on!

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