The Smile Post

I normally get a weekly update about my child's development from three different websites. All of them basically say the same thing but I still like getting three of them, why? I'm not sure. It's not one of the world's greatest mysteries that needs to be solved any time soon, as I'm sure by the end of this month I will have three more websites emailing me to tell me the same thing the other three websites are telling me about my child's development. Oh well.

This week they told me that my child should start smiling but to remember all babies are different. You can't tell a mother this. No, my child will smile! Nolan hasn't smile yet so I was sure he was going to go the rest of his life without smiling, which reminds me of a book, "It Sucked and Then I Cried" by Heather Armstrong...or more popularly "dooce.com". She spoke about having a smileless baby and she was sure her daughter, Leta, would never smile. Well I was convinced too that Nolan would never smile, or atleast anywhere near "on time". Since reading this I have been acting extra dumb around Nolan as in...saying dumb cutesy things that I just know if any other human saw me do they would laugh histerically for days. But I did it all to help that first smile along. Two days after reading about where my child should be at this point, it happened, the ever hoped for and much prayed for smile *le sigh*. I sat Nolan up on his boppy in my lap before a feeding and pushed on his cheeks and told him in the cutest voice I could ever possibly have, how much he looked like his daddy and then he did it...it was so long and gummy and drawn out. Somehow, Dennis was laying with his eyes open in bed looking at us and I swear he missed it because he was not really excited about it :/ and how could anyone not be excited about that first smile?

Speaking of Dennis, he's about to be voted off this island!

Maybe more smiles for tomorrow? We'll see... ;)

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