Is he breathing?

We have absolutely no schedule whatsoever for Nolan, and I feel really bad for that. Sometimes he sleeps all day, other days he doesn't sleep at all until a late nap in the afternoon. Well today he didn't take a nap until 3ish pm. He slept until 6pm and Dennis fed him. Nolan fussed until 9pm when he was fed again and then at some point after that he went to sleep. It is now 1:16am and still not a word, not a coo, not a fart. I went into our bedroom to check on the monitor because I was sure he was screaming bloody murder and Dennis was sleeping through it and nothing, silence. I quickly took the monitor to Dennis and woke him up with, "do you think he's still breathing?". I'm pretty sure Dennis has never wanted to kill me so badly in his life than right there in that moment. Having a video monitor is nice in the fact that you can look at it and make sure they are breathing by seeing a blanket move or something moving, but he is so still! As I type this he is smacking his lips and getting ready to cuss me out through crying because he hasn't eaten in over 4 hours. I guess waking up for one feeding at night isn't so bad. I refused to go to sleep this entire time because I was sure he would wake up earlier and didn't want to get my hopes up by being able to lay down. Well...Nolan's gone back to sleep now. I'll stay up and wait, I know the pouty face is coming soon.

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oh I so remember those days of not going to sleep because I was SURE she would be up within minutes. And then it would usually end up being a long stretch that I missed out on sleeping through!

And don't worry about a schedule--too soon, most newborns are way too unpredictable. And anyhow, once he gets into daycare--they will do it for you!

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