Organizational skills...or lack thereof

Today my little bean is 5 weeks and 6 days old, tomorrow he'll be 6 weeks! It's amazing how time is flown by. He's definiately a little chunker now and his cheeks are so pinchable! Today, Nolan slept after both of his feedings so far which is great and gives me more time to get things ready, shower, eat, etc. This morning's nap Nolan didn't really want to go to bed but I am proud to announce he fussed his way to sleep. Why is that a good thing? Well in about a week we HAVE to try to sleep through the night (6 hrs) and that is going to take a lot of crying. This morning Nolan was fussing (not actively crying) but definiately not asleep. Instead of running to his aid I let him fuss it out this morning. Definiately not like "cry it out" but close and that means there is progress there. There is a light of hope at the end of the "hell week" tunnel! Remember: Hell week is next week when we have to sleep through the night. ...hmmm...is it really sleeping through the night if he's going to be crying the entire time?

This afternoon we are going to Tutor Time for a tour of the daycare and will more than likely put down our first payment for the first week to ensure our spot. Dennis gets a 10% discount which always helps! Thinking about daycare is sad but at the same time I look forward to it. I'm not one of those moms (holy crap I'm a mom...!!) who can be a stay at home mom. I applaud those that are, it's just not for me. Plus I think that Nolan will learn lots and learn to become more social than if I kept him home because I am definiately not the most social person you'll ever meet. I think daycare will definiately be hard but it'll be good for both me and Nolan!

I need to pick a bone with motherhood. I have had a very hard time remembering I'm a mommy. No...I don't forget about Nolan in his rocker or forgot I have a child period but I can't remember to get things organized. Organization is definiately something you need to have a child and be successful at it. For example, today Nolan has slept after both feedings which is great. The next feeding will be between 3:30-4pm and then we need to promptly leave the house to meet Daddy at Tutor Time. Now that means right now I need to be blow drying my hair, putting make up on, and getting clothes out. Normally I wouldn't do those things until right before we left, which would make us late everywhere we went even without a child. I really want to continue cutting coupons and reading my mommy blogs and checking facebook relentlessly (you never know when you might miss the most life changing status update!). I guess if this post does nothing else it reminds me I need to stop now and get ready, I have an hour to do everything I need to before I have to leave with Nolan. Wish us luck!

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