Good morning!

Well it's officially Tuesday morning, by 9 minutes! Nolan couldn't help but say good morning to his mommy this early. Love it!

Dear Bean,
You finally went to sleep in your rocker and you were even fine when your paci fell out for the 189,548,905th time. Mommy gently takes you to your crib (as if you have a disease so not to wake you) and lays you down with the sounds of the ocean to keep you asleep. You let mommy experience five minutes of laying down on my pillow heaven before you began crying, screaming really. I went to pick you up to see you had spit up. Now just tell me this...who...in their right mind...spits up hours after they ate? You! My little love bug, you! Here I am again, online, not knowing what to do. I know your feeding is in one hour and it's "my turn", so much for sleep. Can you please go back to sleep after eating in an hour? Please?! Here we sit...all over again in your rocker with your pacifier in your mouth. I'm of course waiting for the next time I hear a "plop" and rush your aid to put the pacifier back in again to keep you from screaming. *yawn* At least I can still hear the sounds of the ocean coming from your room, they sort of relax me.

I love you,

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