"Hell Week"

This week has been termed the "Hell Week" with workman coming and the dreaded sleeping through the night dream that Dr. Corp has for my baby. Well yesterday the workman came and were only here for about thirty minutes (everything was dry) and they took the machines out and gave me my kitchen back. So that wasn't particularly "hellish" by any means. Then I was for sure the next day the home builder warranty person would come by to paint and put up baseboards, but he called and we were able to schedule for that to be done next week to give me a break. Not hellish there either.

Then as the day went on and night time loomed closer and closer I got a pit in my stomach because I just knew what was going to happen. We would feed Nolan at 12am and then put him down...he would sleep for 3-4 hours like he normally does and then wake up screaming. But this time we would have to leave him there until 6am. I was dreading the 3-4 hours of screaming that we would have to ignore.

Last night went just as planned, fed Nolan at 12am (gave him an extra ounce) and then Dennis went to put Nolan to bed. It took a little bit for Nolan to go down but then he was finally passed out. We laid down and I expected to be up around 3-4am...I was sure there was a lot of crying for both Nolan and myself in store. But then something odd happened....I never woke up. There was no crying. I woke up at 5:50am to Dennis' radio alarmed (of course I sung the song in my head...it was a good one!) but there was no crying. Then suddenly I heard crying coming from the monitor. I couldn't believe it. I rubbed my eyes and tried to peel all the nasty gunk from my over tired eyes to look at the clock again, I was sure it was really 3am...it had to be! Nope...it was almost 6am.

So in reality, so far this is not "hell weak" by any means. I am actually getting things in return, like my kitchen back...and sleep.

Oh and finally a schedule is starting to emerge....
12am: Feed 5oz, put to bed
6am: wake and feed 4oz, put back to bed
9am: wake and feed 4oz
10am: lay in the rocker, swaddled, with paci and soundscapes playing on the computer. Sleep for about an hour off and on while mommy is on the computer
12pm: feed 4oz and watch Home Improvement (my highlight of my day...besides of course my lovely son), stay awake
3pm: feed 4oz, nap time! hooray!
6pm: Daddy should be home and takes over the feeding, might sleep
9pm: feed 4oz, might doze off but don't count on it
and then we're back at 12am again!

Lets see how long this schedule lasts, a week? a few days? month? We shall see. I now need to write a little note to my little man...

Dearest Nolan,
When you are trying to sleep in your rocker, with your paci, it does not do any good to spit the pacifier from your mouth and aim it at mommy and then scream when it's not in your mouth anymore. It would be far easier for both of us if you just kept that lovely damn thing in your gorgeous little mouth. I also wouldn't have to duck after hearing the all telling "pop" that tells me a paci is coming my way.


You're my life's one miracle
Everything I've done that's good
And you break my heart with tenderness
And I confess it's true
I never knew a love like this 'til you
~Celine Dion~

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