Well Happy Labor Day! I really don't know what to write about today because my brain is about as fried as they come from loss of sleep. Dennis goes back to work tomorrow :/ and I'm not quite sure I'm going to make it without him home. Sad! I'm the mom here, I should kick butt...but all I really want to do....is sleep. Bean learned how to pull my hair two days ago, that's a fun and exciting milestone, not! The first time this happened I forgot to tell Dennis and he picked the baby up from my chest with a whole fist full of hair attached, ouch! I screamed like I have never screamed before.

Recently, I have become obsessed with couponing and discount things. I swear, I became a mom and now I want to save money suddenly. Where was this instinct years ago? I now have coupons and papers strewn across my computer desk, which actually make me anxious just looking at them and knowing I need to keep organizing. A good friend turned me onto google reader and I'm not quite sure how my life [OMG baby closed his eyes, OMG.....one small step for man kind...okay back to what i was saying] was organized before I met google reader, hooray! Now I have all my blogs and discount thingies on one page, horah! [OMG he's still asleep...!!!!]

Is it wrong to put your child back to sleep on wet linens from spitting up? Of course I wouldn't lay him directly on the spit up parts, I kind of just move him around them and lay him where it's dry and then move the camera to where his face is. Now that he's back to sleep I need to start thinking of my plan of attack to get him back in his bed so mommy can sleep in her bed. However, we had two "incidents" this morning and mommy kept moving baby around in the bed to the non wet spots, but now there are two wet spots and mommy would have to put baby in the middle. Am I a bad mommy for entertaining this idea? I can no longer write because I really do need to come up with a plan of attack for getting him out of his vibrating rocker to his bed without him flipping his lid. Hmmm....wish me luck!

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