The Guest Room

Our house has three bedrooms - master bedroom, Nolan's bedroom, and a computer room. The computer room is going to have to double as a guest room for Dennis' parents to come stay next week. We bought a queen size air mattress. Dennis wants to turn the entire office into a guest bedroom with the computer in it. Well this room is rather small and I of course can see that a queen bed and everything else we have is a bit small, actually more like...it won't fit at all! So Dennis decides his last day off will be spent putting this room together, sweet! So I'm on the computer and Dennis begins blowing up the air mattress. Uh? What about getting stuff out of here first? This doesnt fit! I'm being pushed out of the room! I love my Dennis with everything I have, but sometimes his logic defies common sense! :) Maybe our office will be turned into a guestroom by the time Oma and Fritz get here...MAYBE!

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