Sleeping Through the Night

Today we had our third pedi appointment with Dr. Corp...still an amazing baby genius (and baby whisperer). Nolan got his 2nd Hep shot and turned a color of red that I had never seen on him before. I hated every moment of it. Before the big mean nurse gave my baby a big mean shot, Nolan was chekced to make sure he was doing okay. The last time we went (at 2wks old) Nolan had not gained a single ounce of weight and was still under his birth weight. At that point Dr. Corp said Nolan should be 8lbs...almost two pounds below. Well considering his low weight at the last appointment today he should atleast be 8lbs 12 oz. We got on that scale and measured a huge 8lb 15 oz!! *clap* The rest of the exam was good. Asked questions about Nolan's acne and gas and other normal new born questions. Nolan was very upset throughout the appointment because it was teetering on his feeding time....no one keeps him from eating!! Dr. Corp picked Nolan up and Nolan was immediately silent, amazing! Dr. Corp is the baby whisperer...not only that but he is calling us tonight to make sure Nolan didn't have any adverse reactions to the shot. Do normal peds do this?? If so I should feel really dumb for being overly excited about this added perk!

While Dr. Corp was calming Nolan like no other, he said some dreaded and VERY unexpected words...."in two weeks he will be sleeping through the night". Huh? What? My baby? Dr. Corp has a tendency to go very fast so this week I brought a pad and paper but once he said these words I was lost as to what to write, I guess the doctor noticed and slowed down accordingly. I have always heard of babies not really sleeping through the night for months, Nolan will be 6 weeks old. Scary! I wrote down the instructions and peered at Dennis to see that he was as perplexed as I was, phew!

Afterwards I got out the calender to write down the momentous event down and noticed this process will begin two days before Dennis' mom and stepdad come for a visit. I must buy them an, "I'm sorry card" for the terrible time and lack of sleep they will be getting. Dr. Corp said it should take about three days for the process to be complete so if all works out perfectly (and I have ear plugs in...and possibly have somewhere else to sleep those nights) they will only have to endure one night of pure baby screaming hell. Oma, if you read this...I am so sorry!

PS: Right now I'm writting this with Nolan in his rocker next to me. The puppy is circling Nolan like he is shark prey. The puppy is so very obsessed in a loving manner with Nolan it is more annoying than anything and my puppy has an addiction to licking feet (anyone's really). Sometimes it's cute, but Nolan is sleeping and if this puppy wakes Nolan up....I can't even write about what I will do.

[UPDATE] The puppy did not wake Nolan...the pacifier falling out of his mouth did. Luckily for me, my baby is the best baby ever and cried for a second and passed right back out. Thank you baby gods!

[UPDATE x2] While mommy was not looking (bad mommy!) the puppy washed Nolan's face with his tongue and baby did not like! Damn dog!

2 thoughts:


Good luck with the sleep training...what is the plan? What does Dr. Corp consider sleeping through night?


Dr. Corp says to feed at about 11pm or midnight and then put in his bed and let him "sleep" or cry until about 6am and then feed again. We are going to try our hardest but this seems a little early to me...I'm just going to have to turn down the volume on the monitor and watch the camera closely to make sure he takes breaths in between cries. What do you think?

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