Hell Week..not so "hellish"

Well "Hell Week" has officially passed, and I am actually refreshed and thanking god everyday for the kind of baby that I have. Nolan slept through the night every night and never had to cry himself to sleep. It's like he heard me talk to him about sleeping through the night and begging him to please just do it peacefully. Just like Nolan heard me on my blog on July 29th begging him to want to be born earlier, and then the next day he appeared (a little too early though!). Some nights Nolan slept 5 hours, some 6 hours, and some even more. Yesterday we put Nolan to bed at midnight and he woke up at 7am, more amazing was that he ate for about 30 minutes and then went back to bed until 10am. I count my blessings everyday...


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