5 Days Old

*Today is the first day you woke us up to tell us you were hungry, wet, poopy, and un-swaddled

*Speaking of poop, you are pooping about 10 times a day (not exagerating) and often poop while we are changing your poopy diaper (and of course pee on your face, on us, the wall, etc).

*Daddy went all over town to pick up more items we didn't have time to get before you arrived (Target, Baby's R us, Motherhood Maternity)
*You are finally eating so much better and getting more breast milk.

*We are all getting a little annoyed with the bili blanket (we just call it, "billie", now), it's hindering your ability to wear cute clothes that button or any pants.

*Mommy used the video monitor that grandpa bought us for the first time. I set it next to your face in the play yard and have a zoomed in look now at your face. I don't want to keep messing with it so for now I'll get to stare at one eye and half of your mouth. This thing is amazing during the day and at night and super portable. Now it's just distracting because I just want to watch and any sound you make I get worried, hmm...maybe video monitor is a bad idea for a worry wort like me!

*I finally feel like we are getting on somewhat of a schedule with sleeping and eating!
*Daddy picked up the dogs (Sadie and Yogi) from boarding today. Yogi seemed somewhat scared of you but somehow knew he had boundaries and needed to stay away from you, if he got too close we just picked up a magazine and Yogi went back to laying next to us. Sadie still needs a bath so you haven't officially met her until that happens, phew does she stink after a week at the vet!

love you little man...

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