Nolan's birthday

July 30, 2009

This morning Dennis and I went to my normal pre-natal appointment with Dr. Brown. When I got there I asked the dr if she got the results from the sonogram. Dr. Brown stated no so I told her that Nolan was breech. I was told we would do a c-section on August 24th. Dr. Brown continued with her regular exam (strep b culture, yuck!) and said 0 dialation and zero anything exciting. When it was all done I spoke to her about my continued concerns for a leaking feeling or a peeing myself feeling. I also explained that the sonogram tech did not appear too happy with something and even asked if the doctors had told me I was leaking any fluid. I have expressed this concern two weeks prior when I went to the ER and saw the dumbass doctor who put me on bedrest and said everything was okay, including "you're water is intact". The dr appeared to get worried and did another exam to see if I was leaking water, the test came back negative but the dr gave me an order to go to the hospital and have another sonogram.

I was pissed. I just had a sonogram on Monday which appeared concerning to the technician and that report was never given to my doctor, and why can my doctor not just look at it as they are in the same office working together?!

We go to the hospital, tell our works we will be late, and wait for a little while. We go back for the sonogram with the best tech ever (she did our 20 week sonogram which told us we were having a boy). She is always really talkative and tells you what's going on. She told us Nolan was still a boy and showed us his head and other features and measured the fluid. The tech quickly got up ended the exam and started walking out, I asked what would happen now and she said that I would "get with my doctor for a plan of action". Well I'm no scholar at pregnancy or anything but anytime someone says, "plan of action", it never means everything's fine and relax. Didn't think too much of it because at this point I just wanted to go home because I was tired of the hospital and was sure I was just being a hypochondriac. We get taken back to the waiting room to wait again for the doctor to look at the results. Within a few minutes (which is really quick for traige standards) we are called back by the nurse, Brenda. She tells me and Denny that there is only room for one and that Dennis needs to wait in the waiting room. Okay whatever. Get in the room and she's acting all quiet and weird and then says, "so your water broke?". Uhm what? I don't know, no one has talked to me yet. "Well it looks to be the case"..."how long would you say you've been leaking for?"....TWO WEEKS! Brenda asks me a million and two questions (none of which I remember now) while I'm crying and almost hyperventalating because I know without her saying it that I'm going to have a baby today. Then finally Brenda says, most likely...and I'm sure you know by now, you'll have a c-section today. I just started bawling and Brenda hugged me...it was a nice gesture and did make me feel better. I couldn't believe Dennis wasn't allowed to be in the room with me. We left the room to get prepped for surgery and stopped to get Dennis, when Dennis stood up I just continued to cry and grabbed his hand and pulled him into the back and told him what was going on.

We were shocked. Wow. A baby? Today! Parents? Now?! I had a great nurse in triage who got me ready for surgery, got my main IV in and tried to calm me down...told me we only had a few minutes and they were prepping the OR now. We called as many people as we could think of. About 20 minutes later I was wheeled to c-seciong pre and post op. We met with the doctor from my OB practice, dr. fu...who is MUCH better than Dr. Abrudescu. Dr. Fu came in the room and got right to the point, "I'm going to cut you, take the baby out, and put you back together again" in the most serious face...and he really was being serious. This was how great his bedside manner is. Really, he's a nice guy but too quick to the point and too blunt sometimes, talks really fast too. He also told us that I barely had any amniotic fluid left...wow! Scary!

I continued to get ready for surgery and then met my anesthesialogist...I can't remember her name but she was AMAZING. She helped calm me down A LOT and we talked about Big Brother and other hobbies we had in common. She did the best job on my epidural which did not hurt at all. I felt some electricity and pressure going through my body but really bareable.

Dr. Fu came back to say we would be going to surgery soon but we were waiting on Dr. Abrudescu to come to assist with the surgery. WHAT? WHO?! You have got to be kidding me! All I know is Dr. Abrudescu is lucky I was hooked up to an array of machines, wires, and already had numbing meds in me by the time he got there!

I finally got taken to the OR at 5pm and Dennis was allowed to come a few minutes later. Everything went fine and I kept hearing "he's coming he's coming" and then all I heard was crying! All I remember about that moment was his cries and how cute they sounded. Tears streamed down the sides of my eyes and I rushed Dennis to take pictures. Finally someone put Nolan on my chest and I was able to hold him there and all I could do was cry and talk to him about how amazing he was (here I go crying). Someone lifted Nolan's hat and I saw his jet black hair! He was so amazing! Dennis left the OR with Nolan and I was put back together again.

I stayed in the hospital for three days in a lot of pain but that was okay because I had my bean right there. We had some problems with breast feeding but on the last day Nolan was able to latch for about 15 minutes (still no milk though), it hurt but felt so amazing at the same time that I could do that for my child.

My parents came up for the weekend and stayed at the Hubbard House next door to the hospital, in the same room (they've been divorced for YEARS). It was really nice having them there. I was really worried about how my mom was going to react to Nolan because for years she always told me and Dennis how much she hates kids, would never babysit, etc etc. My mom got quite attached to Nolan and helped change him and feed him, WOW! My mom also calls several times a day to see if Nolan is doing okay and how much she misses him....YAY!

I have never experienced anything like this...there is nothing more rewarding and heaven sent as having your own child. I am so lucky to have such a healthy baby who had no serious issues at birth. I love you Nolan!!!!

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That is crazy that your doctor hadn't read the sono report before. How could they not know your fluid had leaked?

I'm glad your c-section went well for both you and baby!


My doctor sucks and will not deliver any future children! The tech had to have known my fluid was low but just never gave the doctor the report, grrr!!

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