4 days old

I am going to start writing in my blog every night (crosses fingers) and just putting bullet points of what baby Nolan did that day so that I will always have those memories. This is truly the best experience ever and I want to remember every moment of it.

*Arnald Palmer hospital for blood labs to check your bilirubin level. We forgot socks and got a "talk" from the nurse about that, whoops - still learning!

*First visit with Dr. Corp (pediatrician). Dr. Corp is amazing and said that you were perfect. Your labs came back and your level went up to 12.8, mommy was obviously upset about having to go back to the hospital daily for labs. Dr. Corp understood this and "made me a deal" and will not make us go back for the labs tomorrow, just Wednesday because most likely your levels won't go down in one day. Dr. Corp will call us daily from there on out with the results so we know when we can stop using your bili blanket, ugh!

*You gained .3 ounces and are now up to 6.13 ounces, hooray! - still 19.5 inches

*My milk is finally in and I can pump up to an ounce each 15 minutes, I'm trying to pump every hour to build up supply so we no longer have to supplement with formula (your formula smells like turkey, gah!)

*You started using your binkie today

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