Just real quick!


Make this stop, end this, get this baby out...NOW!

I don't even care if people are saying, "wow, Erin is really grouchy, Erin should be happy and blah blah blah". Those people do not have a huge baby in a breech position with leaking fluid who happens to have the largest head this side of the Mississippi, complete with rib and hip bone pain! So get off my back! (PS: I didn't get to fall asleep until about 3-4am this morning, benedryl no longer helps and Dennis will only allow me one VERY TINY pill...ugh!!

I have to go to court today which I haven't been to in several weeks so I'm sure to see other colleagues that I haven't seen in several many weeks and I'll get all the same comments I got when I returned to work..."you're still pregnant", "wow I think you're having twins".

Note to Nolan: "Wouldn't you love to come meet mommy and daddy earlier? I mean really, do you want your birthday to be the day after school goes back each year? That would be really depressing for you and I don't want my little love to be depressed. It's much more fun to have a July birthday, or REALLY early August birthday. Love, mommy."

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Nolan is a genius. I can't believe how well he listened to your request to make an arrival in july.

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