I know I know, you're probably upset because I'm going to complain...AGAIN. I know it's not often that I complain but really at this point in my pregnancy, what is there to be happy about?

My boss came over the other day and saw the nursery for the first time and looked at me kind of disgusted, "why are his clothes all over the floor". No no! You see, those are actually piles of clothes to wash....yes they may have been there for weeks now and I just can't seem to get the smallest bit of energy to move them into the washer, but it helps because we are still getting clothes from people coming in so that way I will have a fuller load and not waste water!

Anywho, lets talk about the lovely night that was last night. Lets just say that sleeping has been hard for me throughout the 3rd trimester but it's getting to be damn near impossible at this point.

I have suffered from restless leg syndrome for a good bit of my pregnancy but it's only ever happened when I'm sitting on the couch, annoying yes, but I am alright with it since it was not happening when I go to sleep. For about the past week the RLS has hit while I'm laying down. I think this has something to do with in the past I would see my bed and pass out and was unable to stay up barely past 9pm. I've noticed I've been staying up a lot later so I can only imagine I have a bit more energy and I don't fall asleep upon seeing my mattress anymore. Last night we turned the TV off at midnight and my RLS attacked me over and over again (like a pit bull) until about 3am. I got up and had to use the ladies room around 1:20am.

I now need to mention that last night we decided to try allowing our puppy to sleep in our bed with us instead of his crate because he has been so good lately. Well of course he is scared of Dennis because Dennis is...well...meaner. ;) Anyways, Yogi the puppy must be up against me at all times. I finally got to sleep around 3am and woke up again at about 4am because I had a big ball of fur under my stretched out arm and could not move. Clearly I could have moved, but Yogi was just too precious and cute and I wouldn't dare move the baby and wake him just so I could get some more sleep. So I laid awake, just staring at him, rubbing his paws, for about an hour when again I had to pee...I got up and Yogi moved! When I got back to bed Dennis was making some weird noise that really sounded like our ac unit failing or a snake in our bedroom, finally I realized it was him and basically hit him in the face to make him stop, he did. Finally went back to bed at 5:30ish am and then Dennis' alarm went off at 7ish.

In all I got about 2.5 hours of sleep. Not to mention I had some "funky" stuff going on that had me somewhat worried, but I will spare you from reading about that fiasco that also kept me up last night.

I tried to go back to sleep this mornng after Dennis left but couldn't really get any actual sleep in. *sigh* I must say I am getting used to not having sleeping and feel pretty energized despite my horrendous sleeping patterns lately, maybe this is a good sign! :)

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