Lookin Up!

Yesterday Dennis and I went to see Dr. Brown (gag) but I was sorta excited to see if she could make sense of the bedrest crap. We got there and I got measured and the doc looked a little perturbed. I asked what was up and the doctor said I was measuring two weeks ago, I'm sorry you're upset doctor but I am quite happy about that! Apparently it's not to exciting, just means that when I do finally give birth (if ever) the baby could be 20lbs by then, lovely! So the doctor gave me an order for an ultrasound and I got an appointment for Monday, I am so excited! I can't even remember the last time I saw little bean...who I am sure is not so little anymore! :) I then told the doctor about what the scary russian idiot doctor did and she was upset about it! The doctor said she doesn't want me on bedrest and wants me up and walking around and told me I could go back to work but not until Monday. So really its a double woohoo because I get a long weekend and I get to go back to work, which I really do miss terribly.

Afterwards we went to Once Upon a Child. I must say, anyone who does not have this in their town is seriously missing out. It is a consignment store but only accepts high quality items to be turned in, which they give you cash for. You can get high chairs (look brand new) for $30-$60 bucks, cribs, clothes!! A lot of the clothes still have the original tags on and they are all around $1...I'm in heaven when I'm there! :)

Then we went to Lowes and got a bunch of plants and flowers for the front of our house, got home and planted. Well really Dennis did all the work but I sat and watched and showed him where to put things. :)

We made a final list of everything we need to get before baby is here, which is a lot more than I thought. Sort of overwhelming! Ugh, thank you cards. Must. Get. Today! I am such a slacker!!

We also played our Wii and I tried to teach Dennis to be more calm when he loses. When Dennis loses...wow...everyone should hide. I tried to tell Dennis to pretend I was Nolan and for him to act as if he is with his son. Well, that didn't work. Cuss words, frustration...almost giving up. I think the only fault that I can find in Dennis is when he loses in games...any and all. Even if he is just playing by himself on the Wii...watch out if he loses a round of golf in Tiger Woods, you may see things be thrown from our home! I guess my next plan is to not allow Dennis and nolan to play any sort of game together, sad really! This is one father who is not going to allow his child to win a game, EVER!

Oh hey! I forgot to blog about this but my mom has finally moved to Tampa and at the same time my grandparents in Texas sold their house. They will be living in Tampa by August 13th...CRAZY! I didn't think they would meet Nolan...everything is happening all at once. Definiately makes my mother more crazy than she is on a normal day, wish me luck!

Okay I'm done for the day because I really don't feel like even blogging today but knew I needed to just so I could have yesterday written about. Dennis will be home early today and we can go grocery shopping! I find myself getting almost giddy when Dennis comes home or has a day off and we hang out, even if it is something as lame as grocery shopping. I just love him to pieces, especially lately! :) I think it might have something to do with me thinking more and more about our relationship and the 6 years we've been together. As we get closer and closer to having Nolan it reminds me these are the last few weeks it will EVER be just me and Dennis again. Almost like an era comes to an end, which is great because I can't wait to have Nolan here...it's just been so long that it's just been me and Denny. I think we are ready and will do the best we can...now here I go getting all sappy. I must go now!

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