The Friends

Yesterday at work I went to a staffing for my supervisor with another co-worker. While there my lovely friend Melanie walked into the room for the same staffing. Melanie was one of my frist "florida friends" and I have known her exactly two years. We got really close and soon me and Dennis were spending every friday night at their home playing games, drinking, just having a good ol' time until normally around 2am. Once I got pregnant these nights of fun stopped all together and as of yesterday we had not hung out with them since New Years Eve this year, the night before I found out I was pregnant. Well after seeing Mel in this staffing we devised a plan to hang out last night after work. I was ready for a night with friends. Everything was the same and felt really good. Dennis and I brought our Wii games over for their new Wii. We ended up playing until 2am and by the end my feet were overly swollen (even for me) and I could not move my toes anymore. Let me clarify...I was not really playing until 2am but passing out in between turns and watching Dennis have so much fun. I really love it when Dennis enjoys himself and will sacrifice my own health, sanity, and wellbeing to ensure he continues to have fun. Well we left and fell asleep at 3am.

Of course going to sleep is a journey (to hell) for me which requires several different types of pillows, positions, etc. Since my feet had been extremely swollen that night I had Dennis put an extra pillow at the end of the bed for my feet. Now recently I had not been adding any pillows and just letting my feet be swollen because the bottom of the mattress being raised up pushes my already killer heart burn farther than it has ever been before. I have woken up several nights, since my lovely doc told me to raise the entire mattress, to myself almost puking all over the person laying next to me...be it Dennis or even Becky one night. The past few nights I have had the bed raised for my feet and then had large decoration pillows so that I can sleep sitting up to keep the heart burn down. At this point my ribs and lungs hurt and going to bed is a nightmare I dread on a nightly basis. Anyways. Last night I sat myself up to go to sleep and the bed was raised for my feet, perfect! I finally fell asleep and woke up at 4:30 for the lovely trip to the bathroom. At this time I decided I definitely did not have any heart burn and I could sleep comfortably with my feet up and my head down on my normal pillows, so I took the decorative pillow and threw it on the floor (where most things have been landing on my side of the bed lately- (water bottles, remotes, tissues, hair ties, etc).

5:00am I wake up and have "vurped" in my mouth...hopefully that is a universal term for all so I don't have to explain further. When I do this I get very scared because I'm positive that is not healthy to do while sleeping. I tried to swallow and get the sensation of throwing up out of my mouth with no luck...ran to the bathroom and destroyed the area around the toilet and the toilet itself. All the while Dennis is almost snoring peacefullly, wakes up for a moment to ask, "you okay". Let me just state that this session of throwing up has been the worst in my LIFE to the point where I could not get enough air to speak and when I did, I had no voice left. Dennis kept becoming more and more agitated at me not responding as I continued to redecorate the bathroom and finally went back to sleep without checking on me Ugh! Finally I was able to stop myself, throw cold water on my face, and almost crawl to Dennis to beg for him to get me some water, which should have been obvious, but he was dead asleep. I laid in bed for the next hour trying to be able to swallow normally and worrying I had done actual damage to my throat. I was really scared to go back to sleep! Finally I went back to sleep after having Dennis take all of the pillows out from under the bed and I then placed the decorative pillow up against my back so that I could fall asleep sitting up.

All of this uproar woke up the lovely and old Sadie who barked until 8am when I believe I threatened Dennis with his life to take the dog out. Dennis took Sadie out but did not give her any water or breakfast, this is a no no when it comes to the Sadie who is very set in her ways. Within 30 minutes she was back at the top of the stairs barking again. Dennis refused to wake up. I flew out of bed screaming at Dennis and the dog and life itself...I was a mess and barely had a voice to scream with, but I found a way! I fixed Sadie up with some water and food and then threatened her with her life if she opened her mouth again.

Needless to say it was a lovely morning....I woke up at noon (thank god!) and looked in the mirror to see if I popped any blood vessels in my face from throwing up. (normally I do around my eyes). Wow...I have popped blood vessels around my eyes, forehead, cheeks, lips, chin. I have to go see family tomorrow which I now dread, hopefully I can run from ALL of the cameras.

Lesson learned #1: The doc sucks and I will NEVER put pillows under my bed again for my feet to be up.
Lesson learned #2: Do not drink ANYTHING the hour before bedtime to eliminate some heart burn, even water :(
Lesson learned #3: Tums do not work. PERIOD! I must find another alternative, which may include a daily pill which I have hidden from for months. (I hate having to take pills on a daily basis, makes me feel like a very ill person for some reason).
Lesson learned #4: Dennis is out for himself and do not expect him to come to your rescue once he has fallen asleep...burning house or not, Dennis is not getting up. How is this going to work when Nolan arrives?
Lesson learned #5: Do not stay out past 10pm while pregnant.
Lesson learned #6: My elderly dog hates me.

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It's the body's way of getting you ready :)


that's what im thinking!


When you look at my blog is there a blogger tooldbar at the top? It should say search, flag blog, follow blog, next on the left and then your email address, dashboard and sign out on the right?


i got it! :)

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