Only the Pros

I always seem to be about the negatives regarding this pregnancy (and heck, probably about most issues in my life too). I really try not to as I remember how grateful I really am. A few years back my wonderful Texas doctor (no really, everything is better in Texas) explained to me and Dennis that we most likely could not have children due to severe endometriosis which was diagnosed during surgery. I'm pretty sure this is the one single event that threw my life out of line and I started doing some really stupid things just because I did not care. I was born to have babies, my purpose is to be a mommy and it killed me from the inside out. I lived my life very recklessly (lets say) for the next few years and I regret that, but I am determined to never return to those ways again.

I have been so blessed to be able to have this little man in my tummy for all of these months and although I bitch and moan and complain (a million times a day) I really am very happy and thankful. I know this may be my one and only shot so I must appreciate it.

The Pros of Pregnancy
*You get help from others more than ever before (In my case I can basically no longer bend over, so it's nice getting help!). Also starting today I am being forced from my office and to pack up all of my belongings because some dumb man thought it would be good to renevate rather than get us in a snazzier place to work....but that's off topic. Uhmm...so yeah today a co-worker took my shred bins (my very over used and overflowing with papers -shred bins) to be shredded. It's the small things that make me smile!

*It's easier to clean out your belly button. I know this sounds silly, but it really is. Mine has not popped out but its just flat and stretched out so I don't have to go digging :)

*The movements....I can't even describe how these feel but they are truly amazing. I love watching little man jump around in my tummy and watch my tummy move in all different directions. Even more so exciting are the afternoon hiccups that little man develops. Sometimes they are rather annoying just like any human having hiccups, but they remind me that he is human and alive and breathing and it's nice to have that reassurance.

*Laundry. I actually like doing little mans laundry (for now), just looking at all the tiny things and snapping all the small buttons and zipping the little zippers. It makes me look forward to every day with little man.

*Carpal Tunnel. Yes I have found a positive in this. Lately I have been on a bagel kick. It is really nice pulling the bagels out of the toaster while they are scorching hot and I can't feel a thing!

*Having an excuse to lay in bed with my feet up (in my defense I do have terrrrible swelling) and not do anything, even though there is clearly so much to do. I don't think I need to worry about Dennis getting offended because I basically have to grab him by the head and force his face in the computer moniter to read my blog, he has a rough life.

Pregnancy is NO walk in the park, unless your name is Amy or Becky (and then in that case you are not human) but it really is a joy if you take the time to think of the small things and the amazing changes that are happening on a daily basis. Enjoy the time while you can! I'll be back to bitch more about my "state" later.

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Hhaha my belly button did the same thing!


My belly button never popped! And those first loads of laundry are wonderful-I remember realizing another PERSON would be living in this house soon!

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