Keeping stuff....alive!

Recently I have been feeling a lot better about becoming a mommy and having things "figured out". I finally have things for the nursery and things are put together. I even have bottles, though no pump. For some reason I really have a need to have bottles in the house, even though we might not necessarily need them for a long while. It just seems so "official" I guess. So last night Dennis and I were watching Nine Months which is a great 90's movie about pregnancy obviously. After watching the movie Dennis expressed how scared he was and then stated a very scary sentence that dragged me right back to the frantic and crazy worrying lady that I was. Dennis said.... "We actually have to keep it alive". Uhm, yes I'm sure that is the MAIN objective after having a child, but I have never thought of it in this way. Crap! We have had numerous plants that we can't keep alive! We do have one great ficcus tree outside that we've now had for years, but its a damn tree and we set it outside so it gets watered by the rain, it also seems to help the weeds grow around it very nicely. Lazy parents. After trying to find other things that we've been able to keep alive I realized we do have animals. Three of them. We have had the cat for almost six years now and Sadie the bassett for five years. They are still alive! Then I realized that we only need to feed them every now and then and water them.

I would still like to think that being able to keep the animals and our ficcus tree alive counts, just so I don't completely go off the deep end.
PS: Yes, that is our lazy bassett, Sadie in the photo. Sadie likes to fall asleep on Dennis' computer garb or any remote.

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hahaha--funny stuff.

And I can't believe you only have 50 days to go!


50 days hooray!! I can't believe it either..I'm so giddy!

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