Dog... meet baby...

So I recently read (I need to stop doing that!) about moms in my group who have dogs and what they have been doing to get the dog used to having a baby around. Apparently they are told to carry dolls around with a diaper on by their doctors (probably really their shrinks) so that the dog can get used to this. Well, if you know anything about me you know I can easily be swayed and will do just about anything if it has to do with having a happier baby, home, animal, hubby, etc. So last night when Dennis came upstairs (not for bed because he has to stay up until 2am every morning now...I'll make a post about that later) I pulled him into the baby's room and had him find me the "african american cabbage patch doll" that I knew was in the closet. Please do not ask me why we have this in my home, I'm sure Dennis's family may be able to shed some light on this if they would like. Anyways, I tell Dennis to get a diaper and put it on the cabbage patch doll. Note: I really tell Dennis to do things and make it seem like he needs to do it to learn something or that some great accomplishment will come out of whatever I am having him do, when in reality I just don't want to look dumb. Love you hun! Anywho, we get the diaper on the "baby" and I start carrying it around.

Now I am not so worried about what is going to happen with the basset hound because she is lazy, old, sleeps all day, and has had many other animals come after her and she was fine. I am worried about my prissy little male puppy who runs when he sees me and runs away when he see Dennis...he's my cuddle buddy. So I have "black Nolan" in my arms and suddenly Yogi jumps on the bed and tries to bite "baby's" head. Uhmm..this might be a problem. I lay "nolan" on the bed to "re-adjust" and Yogi jumps on nolan's entire body. Uhmm...my baby should be at the hospital by now. I kept a safe distance from Yogi just holding my little black nolan and Yogi cried and barked the entire time. What am I going to do? I keep picking Nolan up from the bassinet (yes he now sleeps in the bassinet in our bedroom to get Yogi used to that...I swear I read too much!) and Yogi just continually cries and barks almost in a screaming manner. I'm going to keep this up and hopefully Yogi won't be too confused when we come home with a white Nolan.

Today, Yogi only jumped on "baby" once and then licked his head and went back to chasing his tail. Hopefully..HOPEFULLY... Yogi has to chase his tail often after we get home with the real Nolan!

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