B E D R E S T ? ?

[begin rant]

Yesterday I was feeling pretty terrible from about 9am on. Around 2pm I got sick of it and thought I'd just let the DR. know just incase it was anything special, I was sure I was NOT having contractions and let the nurse know this along with my bagillion symptoms (I swear I'm not a hypochondriac!). So I'm thinking worse case scenario is an office visit to be checked, nope...I was WRONG (which I often am with this whole pregnancy thing). The nurse tells me to go to the hospital triage, ugh. Fine!

Dennis comes home early and we go downtown to the bestest hospital ever, Winnie Palmer, swooon! Get there, Dennis signs in and there are people waiting in the hall outside of triage, that was the first sign that my night was going to SUCK. I check in and waited in the hall. A few minutes later I move inside to wait where I notice basically all the pregnancy women there, are giving birth, right then and there...in the triage waiting room. This basically means I'm last priority. Ugh.

THREE HOURS later....I finally get my name called. Thank GOD!

I sit in the room, get on the monitors and can already see no contractions, which I said from the beginning I was NOT having...but that's all they care about of course. Dr. Abrudescu (little russian man with HUGE glasses) comes in and does an exam and says everything is great. GREAT! Now...I have spoken before about the doctors in my OB practice being completely unable to perform their job duties. Well Dr. Abrudescu is one of the lovely four dingbats in my OB practice, actually the doctor that made me pee in a cup and told me I was pregnant (like the first five tests at home didn't tell me that much). So the doctor says things are okay and leaves, adios creepy little man!

I was kept on a monitor for about 30 minutes and monitoroed and everything was fine, no contractions, duh! No one has ANY answer as to my extreme pain that I've had all day except "maybe you have to poop". Look, I think I mastered the "knowing when you need to poop" thing around the age of 3, so lets skip that option! The other option, "maybe you have gas". I will harm a nurse or a doctor or anyone that says this again...SO STOP! Look I've had stage 3 endometriosis for almost four years, and it feels like that but WAY worse!!!! So leave me alone, grr!

So after they monitored me the nurse came in (with a guy who was in training that took my blood pressure by placing the cuff around my ELBOW) and she told me that she had my discharge paperwork which just talked about what the doctor already talked to me about, bedrest. I would love to have a picture of my face at that exact moment. Huh? What?! No! I told Nurse Shelly, "no he did not talk to me about bedrest". The nurse said, "well just make sure you stay on bedrest and pelvic rest until your next appointment", great that's not until the 23rd, 9 glorious days away. Nurse Shelly could not even really tell me what the doctor meant by bedrest, is this COMPLETE bedrest where I can only shower, eat, and stay in bed or what?

I called my doctor's office and left a nasty little fun message for them, still no return call...I bet they are calling me cuss words right now. Oh well.

So far today I have done pretty well on bedrest, done a load of laundry, vacuumed the STAIRS and the living room, cleaned up after my bassett that hates me (including scrubing the tiles). During one of these lovely moments the vacuum actually fell down the stairs into tiny little pieces, I bent down and put it all back together again. I am pretty productive on bed rest.
[edit] I have now also done the dishes (and put them all away..this alone is normally a huge task in our home)

I know I know I should be resting, but seriously! Things need to get done and no offense but they aren't getting done no matter how many times I nicely ask Dennis to do them....so I must do them...I'm tired of looking at the cat throwup stain on the two stairs and having to walk AROUND them, yes I scrubbed these spots as well today. I will say though, Dennis is normally very good about doing ALL of the household chores, but has been slacking lately because I think he is serious FREAKED OUT about having a child in oh about...5 weeks. Poor Denny <3

[/end rant]

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