What? I'm not a natural?

So we had our baby shower yesterday, which was phenomenol. I will definitely make a post on that, but at this moment don't have the energy to upload photos and talk a lot.

Anyways, today we decided to go through all of the things that we got. We were fine cutting tags off of clothes, mittens, hats, shoes, blankets, and towels so that they can be cleaned. We had a bit of a rough time putting the thing that sorta looks like a play pen but has a million add ons to it, got that finally and proudly took a picture of the finished product (that we couldn't even roll out of our room...argh). Now we have the soothing center laying in a million pieces on the bed and floor of our bedroom. I sent Denny out for some dinner for as much energy to put that one together, even though it is the most exciting! Hooray!

However, I am realizing that now I have to learn how to do things. I majored in Development, Family Studies, and Early Childhood Education, which means I went through a lot of infant development books, play therapy, etc. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to be a mom and it scares the living junk out of me. I am scared to death people! Since Dennis has been gone to get dinner I have tried to figure out which bottles I want to use, I have now changed my mind to Playtex drop ins. However, if you are breast feeding you need the newer freezer bags and the unit that hooks up to breast pumps and then freeze and thaw (how?! what!) and then attach and then add nipple and then the world should start spinning again. Problem is I'm confused. I was reading the reviews on the breast feeding playtex unit system thingy and it got me even more confused as people kept saying they needed atleast 6 of these which is expensive. I am so confused and TERRIFIED that I am going to ruin my baby for life...so much so I finally gave in and apologized to baby bean today.

I am scared to death the changing table on top of the play pen thingy isn't stable enough as there were two extra velcro straps that we couldn't figure out where to velcro to and I am sure those velcro things will cause some serious natural disaster.

Going through the baby clothes....wow. Some have to be in cold water, some in warm water....why can't I just put them all in together? Obviously there is a reason for this and if I don't do them seperately my baby is going to get some sort of skin disease.

I'm a mess...and I don't know how to fix it.

Pregnancy really reminds you how very little you know about becoming a mommy and I really thought I had atleast SOME knowledge.

So again....I am sorry baby Nolan for the parents that you have been given and the fact that one day the changing table in your play pen thingy might catapult you into another universe while wearing clothes that were washed incorrectly. :/

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Erin, you are going to be just fine!! Being a mommy does not come with instructions. You just have to figure it out as you go along. and yes, all those baby things are a PAIN IN THE BUTT to figure out!!! But, you will and all will be good! :) It's a learning process and youre a smart girl. You'll be fine! While it seems scary now, as youre goin along, you wonder how you made it through and every one survived! hahah :) love you! call me if you need help with anything!


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