Kaleb went back to St. Louis this week and while there we found out that this was going to be his last pair of pre-surgery casts! How exciting! Dennis was able to schedule all three of his surgeries and speak with anesthesia for his pre-op.

It looks like Kaleb and I will be staying in St. Louis for two weeks in May during his first and second surgeries. Then a month later we will all travel to St. Louis for his last surgery, and from there we will head to Chicago for our Trisomy 9 conference. Everything worked out so perfectly as far as timing and travel arrangements. Our social worker also got us into the Haven House which is similar to the Ronald McDonald House. Here's our plan of attack... :)

May 4- all 4 of us leave Florida for St. Louis
May 5- Arrive in St. Louis and begin stay at Haven House
May 7- Kaleb's first surgery (place pins in feet and sever tendons, casts put back on)
May 8- hopefully discharge day if all goes well
May 9- Dennis and Nolan fly back to Florida
May 21st- Kaleb's 2nd surgery (cast change in the OR due to pins)
May 22ndish- Kaleb and I return to Florida
June 14thish- All 4 of us leave Florida for St. Louis
June 15thish- Arrive in St. Louis
June 18th- Third and FINAL surgery (remove casts and pins)
June 21st-23rd- Chicago for our Trisomy 9 conference!!

After Kaleb's last surgery he will have to build up to wearing braces with a bar in between to 23 hours a day for 2 years. I think in the beginning its only a few hours...or maybe its the opposite way and 23 hours to begin with for a few weeks? Who knows, I'm just happy to know future dates for St. Louis! Yay!!

Thanks again to everyone for helping with Nolan, donations, gas cards, and of course the Southwest Miles into Smiles program for this most recent trip this week. They gave us free round trips tickets for medical transportation. We are forever grateful!

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