Dear Typical Moms

I recently read an amazing blog post by a fellow special needs mommy. It's so nice to see these stories because they remind me that I'm not alone in this journey and hopefully show "typical parents" a glimpse into our lives.

To understand my following comments please read that blog post h e r e.

This is exactly how I felt when I was asked to come to a mommy's home for a playgroup. A playgroup of mommies and babies that I had never met before and more importantly, they knew nothing about my normal as a special needs mommy. How would I explain the feeding tube, the diagnoses, the scars, the delays? I've got to make sure the solid foods the other kids have aren't in reach of Kaleb. The hardest part for me was watching the children who are younger than Kaleb walk and run and talk while Kaleb crawls around in silence, except for the few babbles he lets out from time to time.

The playgrounds are another place that I feel out of place, just like this mom. When you find out you're going to be inducted to the "special needs group" you wonder if your child will go to college, have a family, talk, walk, be in regular school classes, etc. You don't think about the awkwardness of having friends outside of this new world, new and old. Not to mention the other questions

Luckily for me, that playgroup of mommies and their babies have now become my friends. They understand the best they can and ask questions which I love.

If you see us out, please don't just stare and point...ask questions. Just like you, I'm always happy to tell people about my amazing children.

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