Kaleb has been pulling this thing for a couple of weeks now where he will cry and cry for hours if you let him at bedtime. It is driving me crazy! He can get out of anything pretty much because of his medical issues. With Nolan we really just let him cry it out...which in all honestly didn't happen that often. 

But now with Kaleb...could the crying hurt his heart? Did he pull his g-tube out? Is his leg caught? We have a camera right on top of him but the smaller things are pretty hard to see. Not to mention he chokes himself and it makes it obviously hard to breath for him...which breathing is already an "issue". We recently found a bump on the back of his head, possibly related to his hydrocephalus so this makes me worry even more. His neuro believes he may even be having migraine type headaches so if I let him cry it out...does that make his head hurt more? Ugh... 

It has only been 34 minutes and I'm pretty sure I'm going to cave soon. We both could use a good snuggle anyway. 

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