No sleep for the weak

After about 45 minutes of never ending screams I had to wave my white flag. But I told Kaleb that if he was going to stay up, then I was going to take pictures of him...and lots of them.

Baby blues...

Who will I hit with the remote first? 

We are learning to not hit the doggy with the remote...be gentle.

Only posted this because it's a little funny that I was taking a picture of our stockings when the Raising Hope family were wearing theirs, festive I say! 

Before I got hit in the head for the first time tonight with a remote....

.....here's the second time. 

My now 70lb P U P P Y

Kaleb's favorite thing...books

....even if they are upside down. 

Love this little man to the moon....

And he loves his books. 

Basically as soon as he got out of his bed he was happy and smiley...and hitting me a lot. He fakes so well...I'm pretty sure he knows he can use his special-ness to his benefit. You little stinky butt, I'm on to you.  

[sn: Nolan has been asleep since 6:30pm... hallelujah]
[UPDATE on sn: Nolan is no longer asleep. Five minutes after posting this he came out of his room and will now not stop crying. Why do I put them to bed early again? Oh and now he just thew his cup at the dog...I must go rescue someone]

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Jess Gougeon

He is so beautiful. Sorry he doesn't want to go to sleep :( I looove your photo wall behind/next to your tree!


Booo on kids that won't sleep---but KALEB IS SO CUTE. =) Hope they both gave in quickly for you!


Jess, thank you :) My photo wall with family rules on it is my favorite part of my house. I need to add to it.

Amy, they did finally go back to sleep by 11pm...I guess that's better than 1am or 2am which is what Nolan has been doing lately.

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