My Future Teenager

Dear Teenage Nolan,

This week you had your first real pimple. When you are 13 and tell me you got your first pimple I will refer you back to this post. You got your first pimple when you were 3 years old. Wow, what a first! I am so proud but a little confused as to why you got it. It wasn't like a little flat red mark...it was pulging with green/yellow stuff right in the middle of your nose. Today I took you to look for a preschool. In hindsight I should have popped it last night because that thing could have been a lady killer...literally. So today (after the preschool visit) I had finally had enough. I popped it. Maybe it was the right thing to do...any maybe it will emotionally scar you for the rest of your life. I'm not really sure. But I'm really glad that thing is no longer staring at me. Your Dad and I called you Rudolph a couple of times this week. I apologize, that was really wrong of us to do. I really hope you don't hate us when you get older, just don't ever forget about all of the hershey kisses I give you when you go potty in the toilet. Probably another one of my not so greatest moments...I'm human and I've made a lot of mommy mistakes. Kind of like posting a blog entry about your first pimple. :/

Other than that exciting news, you toured a preschool today. It was really neat and they actually go up to 2nd grade. Apparently their curriculum is amazing...you can skip a grade, get tested throughout your time at the school, and they teach you three languages besides English. It all sounds great and the reviews are stunning, a lot of parents say when their kids go to Kindergarten at an elementary school that the curriculum is too easy for their kid. But my only problem is what happens when at four years old you are smarter than me and start talking to me in Chinese? Yes, they teach ALL the kids (no matter age) Chinese, Spanish, and ASL. I think we'll try it and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you never cuss me out in Chinese. Spanish, English, and ASL cussing is okay though because I know at least a little bit in all of those.

I love you, future teenage Nolan.
[Even if you hate me and cuss me out in Chinese]

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Yarn Princess

This will haunt you!!!!!!! ;) But you will laugh though it every time!

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