Surgery #3

On Monday morning we took Kaleb and Nolan to our local children's hospital for Kaleb's surgery. He was going to be getting his ear tubes and a bronchoscope/larynscope but before the surgery his ENT told us that he didn't agree with our geneticist that it would be necessary and he can scope him in the office. So he only had ear tubes! No worries, it was very easy...in and out. Any surgery where a child is going under is nerve wracking, especially if your child has all of the conditions that Kaleb has. A simple, every day surgery can turn into something terrible for Trisomy kiddos.

This is Kaleb's 3rd surgery in his short 13 months of life, what a trooper! He always does really well with anesthesia and recovery. He always amazes me, I can't even explain to you the love that I have for this little blue eyed boy. 

I got Kaleb this pony rattle during his first surgery at APH, just thinking one day it would sit on his bookshelf or in the closet. But to my excitement, he is insanely in love with this pony. Within the past couple of weeks I named the pony, Arnold (after Arnold Palmer) and now we just call him Arnie. He just adores him and they let him take Arnie in during surgery! 


In recovery. Already awake and alert...with Arnie. 

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