Kaleb - 11 Months Old

My precious sweet baby is about to be 11 months old in 30 minutes. Wow. Time sure does fly. I haven't been good about updating his monthly birthdays, bad mommy! The older Kaleb gets the more his delays become apparent. It's hard on me. Especially seeing other people post about what their 11 month old or 10 month old is doing that Kaleb can't do...I know it shouldn't bother me but it does. BUT...when Kaleb does something new or reaches a new milestone, it makes it so much more special. During the past 11 months (and even more, some during my pregnancy) I have gotten to know such amazing people and children. I have gained a new family, I call them my trisomy family. They know the struggles and they understand the ups and the downs, but even more...they understand how having a child with trisomy makes life amazing in so many ways. I'm so thankful for these people. No more sappiness for today...I've cried enough recently so here's a quick glance at my sweet cheeks.

*he loves to blow rasperries
*he loves his daddy more than anyone else and will laugh just by seeing his daddy
*he still has no teeth but has been chewing on anything and everything he can get in his mouth
*he says dadadada and does some babbling
*he started bearing weight on his legs this week
*he absolutely HATES to be put down when my hubby or I are anywhere around
*he hates aquatic therapy
*he loves food, any food. 
*he can gum some puffs now
*he loves to be thrown up in the air
*he sleeps about 12 hours a night {thank god}
*he is still drinking alimentum formula
*he can pick up things
*his hands can completely open, and now over extends them a lot
*he is double jointed in almost every joint {the moves he has are sometimes creepy to look at}
*he spent a week in the hospital recently and I'm pretty sure it was for the extra attention
*he LOVES his big brother. Nolan can hit him with a toy and he will laugh. 
*he hates his exersaucer and bouncer seats, mostly because that means we aren't holding him
*he recently got his AFO's (ankle foot orthotics) which I believe we will use once he gets close to walking
*he is not crawling but can roll and turn himself so much that he can get across a room
*he is finally sometimes allowing other people to hold him when we are nearby. although that is not always a sure thing, especially if we are in sight
*he is currently on antibitotics and has always been on reflux medication, which he loves to take! 
*he can somewhat sit up on his own and is bearing more weight in his hips lately
*he hates physical therapy
*he finally will sleep in the car, no more screaming during car rides
*he has the most infectious smile I have ever seen
*I love to snuggle up in his cheeks, sooo soft and cushion-y
*he loves to hold his legs straight out and pull them straight up to his mouth to suck on his toes {again...double  jointed}
*he absolutely positively loves Yo Gabba Gabba

I think I could go on and on about this amazing little boy and how amazing he has made my life. I'm so lucky that I'm able to now be a stay at home mom so that I can help him grow in every way possible. I have a great support system and even though this is difficult at times, I am so happy to say I am Kaleb's mommy.

I need to start planning his birthday party!

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