Bath Cleaning

This year everyone is doing their "thankful for..." lists. Well I've decided I'm going to tell you what Nolan is thankful for instead of myself. 

He is absolutely, positively thankful for
cleaning supplies

He started getting into the cleaning gig before he could even crawl, he would take his wipes and wipe down our cabinets or anything that was his height. We were sure he would out grow it. Instead, he has grown more into it. He is now tall enough to actually plug in our vacuum and vacuum our carpet....on a daily basis. 

He begs for my cleaning supplies which I have to hide in my laundry room from him. We even made him his own spray bottle (with water) and he gets one of my cleaning towels and cleans just about everything. At first I enjoyed it, hey...one more person cleaning in the house sounds great. Now it's basically the only thing that will set him off into temper tantrum mode. If you tell Nolan he cannot clean at any given time, you better watch out. He will throw things, pull your hair, hit you, punch you, pinch you, bite you...and the worst part is this is actually true. 

"I anna clean. Clean mommy clean. Clleeeaaaannnnnn!

He absolutely loves bath time. Why? )Especially when he hates getting water in his face and being cleaned) Well there is water and wash cloths involved, connect the dots. He is so excited for bath time because he can finally clean. And when we get his brother out of the bath because obviously he doesn't need to sit in the bath tub for the 45 minutes of cleaning frenzy that takes place, Nolan cleans his chair. 

Since I finally found my camera (that will HAVE to be another blog...men are hilarious btw) I can now post daily pictures, hooray! So here are tonight's pictures of Nolan's bath time cleaning! 

{must clean Kaleb's seat}

{can't miss the sides of the bath tub}

{inspection, must be perfect}

{gotta wash the cup used to wash the seat}

{scrub a dub}

{squeeze out the excess}

{so happy!}


{hard work}


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