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Breast cancer awareness has always had a very big part of my heart. Most of you know that many women in my family have had breast cancer and my cousin passed away not long ago after fighting for nearly 10 years. My dad passed away only about 5 months after her and they were super close, possibly even closer than he and I were. Anyways, it's reassuring to know they are together now knowing how close they were. I guess since having Kaleb things have been so hectic with appointments and other things going on that I even forgot about Pink Friday-- gasp! Normally I deck out in pink and spread the awareness on that day but somehow completely missed that train. Where was I? Not a clue!

Time for a dumb question. Because of my family history of breast cancer, especially being that it's only affected my dad's side of the family (that I know of) I have a much higher risk than most women so apparently I need to start mammograms soon, around age 30 I think. Now do you go through your family doctor or your OB/GYN? Told you, totally dumb question.

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I don't think that is a dumb question at all. I tend to go to my ob/gyn for anything "girl" related...And my PCP for illness or other random things that might pop up...

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