The Little Johnstons

Updates on the little men in my life....

- is driving me crazy with coming out of his room after he goes to sleep and then waking up super early and waking us up. this morning i think it was around 4am. we heard Nolan crying so Dennis checked on him and then we slept some more and I didn't know where Nolan was so I had Dennis check on him again and he found a bloody crime scene of the food kind. Nolan has recently become obsessed with strawberry milk so this morning he somehow got the Strawberry syrup out of the fridge (it was up high for a reason) and painted my kitchen with it apparently. Dennis wouldn't tell me the extent of things because he was sure I would be livid with Nolan and then maybe cry over my precious kitchen. I'm still finding pink spots on my carpet and tile floor, counter tops, and stove and sink. Of course we are out of carpet cleaner.
- is speaking more and more and putting words together. We've been worried about his speech because he really doesn't talk much at all but a lot of people have said that is okay and he will catch up so I went with it. Within the past couple days there have been small improvements, like from "i mommy" to "i want mommy". And, he is still obsessed with the phrase "go away"...this morning I woke up to him actually singing a song he made up..."go away go away go away go away" it was a beautiful rhythm even if it was rude.
- he still adores his brother. he helps change his diaper now. he wipes Kaleb's mouth when he spits up. When Kaleb cries Nolan goes over to him, rubs his head, says "shhhh, it's okay baby", and then kisses him. SO SWEET! No matter how many people talked shit about me having kids so close together this makes it all alright.
- He is addicted to pancakes.
- He has to do everything himself. "ME DO IT!"
- He makes us watch the movie Monsters every night before bed. Dennis and I now know every line by heart. I wish they would make a sequel or sequels because that would at least give us some variation.

- He is starting water therapy next week, YAY!
- He is still spitting up like a newborn and a lot worse. I hate reflux.
- He still goes to PT and OT once a week and his therapists are lovely ladies!
- He has developed seperation anxiety which is new to me. Nolan never really went through that phase and it was nice to not have to deal with it. But now Kaleb only wants mommy or daddy, and really he prefers daddy. Even if you walk out of site to go into another room he acts like the world is ending and screams like he is in so much pain. He's pretty dramatic.
- He has found a love for rings. Rings of any kind. Anything with a loop. I guess it makes it easier for his hands to pick up. I recently bought him a raspberry teeth pacifier and OMG that's his new love (unless you put him down with it and walk away...because then the world ends remember?).
- He loves all baby food. I think he might be a food addict.

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