My Dear Bubby

I recently bought a new camera and when it came I forgot to order a card for the damn thing. So we searched around the house for ones we have in other cameras and finally found one. We popped it in the camera and up came several pictures of Nolan that I don't even remember. It's like Christmas. I miss the newborn Nolan but I love who he has become. He is such a strong person and deeply loving. Nolan loves his brother like no other. He will bang on the infant room window until they show him his brother to make sure he is okay. When I bring Kaleb in his car seat to the toddler room to pick up Nolan, the other toddlers gather around to look at the new baby. Nolan runs to them pushes their hands off the carrier and yells "NO!" at them. And then he proceeds to rock Kaleb in his carrier. He has to kiss Kaleb goodnight, every night. He brings Kaleb his bottles, has even held them for me before and "fed" Kaleb on his own. I prayed for this out of Nolan before I had Kaleb but never thought this would happen. I knew that Kaleb would need a really strong person in his life, a protector, a best friend, and a brother. They have even begun "playing". Nolan will get Kaleb's toys out and wave them in front of him, Kaleb will smile and laugh and coo. Anytime Kaleb sees Nolan he grins. The first smiles we ever got from Kaleb were when Nolan would kiss him goodnight. I am such a lucky mommy. We've been through so much in the past 7 months, but this is a learning experience and both of my children are teaching me life lessons. I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything.

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Awwww!!! This post made me so happy :) They sound like amazing brothers!


I know right!! They are super great :)



Just wanted to let you know I stumbled upon your blog and we have the same OB and pedi (Peppy and Marcus!). I look forward to reading all about your journey!



Victoria- Oh my goodness! What a small world :) Don't you just love them both? I'm going to go to your blog now and we will follow each other! Thanks for posting!


They are both amazing, I love them! I just wish I could find a primary doctor for me as wonderful as the two of them hah!

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