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I just wanted to post a quick update about my boys. They do such amazing things on a daily basis and I don't want to forget how they were at these ages.

  • He will be 20 months old in 3 days. 
  • His vocabulary is finally growing! He says, thank you, juice, sock, baby, please, buh bye, love you, mama, dirt (he likes to pick the "dirt" from in between his toes after school) and other random small words. I am so proud, especially since he finally passed his hearing test and the cyst or scaring on his ear seems to be getting smaller and having less of an impact on his speech. 
  • He is more obsessed with cleaning now than ever. He has recently discovered the duster, he will sneak into the cabinets that have locks on them just to pull out the duster and will dust everything. He will spill milk just so he can pick it up with a wipe. After he eats he likes to clean up his highchair. When he sees trash in the house he picks it up and throws it in the trash can. He's amazing. 
  • He currently has pink eye in both eyes and has cream that we have to put on his bottom lash line. 
  • He loves his pillow pet and will lay down and cuddle wherever you put it. 
  • When he gets in trouble he runs up to you and wraps his arms around your legs to hug you, he's too smart. There is no way I can ever be mad at him when he does that. We are in for trouble...
  • Nolan will eat anything as long as I watch him and gasp in disbelief every time he puts said food into his mouth and then clap after every bite. It's almost like a game. I'm into anything as long as it gets him to eat his veggies and fruits. 
  • Nolan loves to sleep. He often sleeps until noon, and normally goes to bed around 8pm. If he is accidentally woken up in the morning when we are getting ready he will cry for a couple of minutes and then go right back to sleep. 
  • He doesn't like TV. He has no favorite cartoon or character. We put on different toddler shows and he pays no attention, which is great. The only time he will pay attention is if there is singing and dancing involved, that boy loves to dance. I taught him how to booty dance one day and now when he dances he will sometimes stick his booty out and shake it around. Heeeee-larious! 
  • He sleeps through the night [SCORE]
  • He has finally graduated from ONLY sleeping in his swing to sleeping in his crib.  We start him at the top of his crib and by morning he is at the very bottom. Last night we had a toy keyboard at the end of his bed and he got so low he hit it with his legs and it fell on top of his legs, causing him to wake up. Poor thing.
  • His milk protein allergy is finally under control. 
  • He has curly dark brown hair that he loves to pull on. 
  • His head strength is getting to be amazing, even his therapists have commented on how well he is doing. 
  • After he eats he is the happiest baby. He will sit for around 30 minutes and smile and laugh at just about anything. Unlike Nolan he is highly entertained already by the TV. He also loves to stare and coo at the fan, bright lights, Nolan's kisses, and mommy and daddy's faces. 
  • He hates poop. Who doesn't? [actually Nolan could live in a poopy diaper] Kaleb will however scream as soon as poop hits his diaper. 
  • He has only gained around 3 pounds since he was born and still fits into [most of] his newborn clothes. 
  • He turned 3 months old today! Happy birthday baby!

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