Okay well I must admit I have been slacking...a lot. I don't know how people find time to blog or do anything else necessary in life. I'm surely sucking at all of those things.

I am now 38 weeks 4 days pregnant. WHOA. No one thought I would ever make it this far, I am so excited for Kaleb because that gives him so much more time to big a BIG boy and maybe that will mean less time in the NICU. Still my only holiday wish is that he does not even have to go to the NICU but I am about as prepared as possible if that happens. Most of the Trisomy 9 babies I've heard about have spent at least some time in the NICU for various reasons, normally feeding issues and a tube needs to be put in. I'm still very hopeful though. We had our NICU tour yesterday which made me sad. I so badly want to have a vaginal delivery so I can be up and walking quicker than a c-section. It's going to be very hard to not have him by my side at all times.

I had my last NST this morning, Dr. Peppy said he was somewhat sad to see this be our last NST and I happily told him I am not. Sure I love him and his staff...and the comfy recliner and flat screen I get to watch in the mornings during my test but so happy to be DONE. He then reminded me to get my pre-op appointment and blood drawn and I replied with a stumped, "huh?". Apparently his staff forgot to tell me to get this done weeks ago. I called the number at the hospital he told me to and they told me I would have to come in today since they are obviously closed on Christmas Eve. Dammit. I needed to be in to work right away for some last minute touch ups on my cases. We went to the hospital (after taking Dennis to the doctor, poor Denny) and waited for what seemed to be an eternity since we didn't have an appointment. I got all of my instructions for the morning of my c-section and of course was told again I needed to be at the hospital at 4am, BUT I do get to wear makeup, HOORAY for small victories!

Nolan is 16 months old and all over the place. He is in a very cuddly stage and will hug and kiss you if you ask him to. He says goodbye to his friends at school when we leave. Oh and while I'm on the topic of friends, he is being bullied by his so called "friends". Tuesday we were given an incident report showing one of his confidential "friends" had bitten him on the back for no good reason, sure enough huge bite on the back with parts of it looking like a hickey. The next day he came home and had a similar mark on his back next to the previous bite mark, but no incident report. I was slightly annoyed no one noticed Nolan being bitten again. But today....oh today. At bedtime we noticed another bite with some bruising around it on his back near his hip. I'm pretty livid about it. Again...no incident report. Are we even supervising the kids at this point? I feel like Nolan is clearly being targeted and bullied, maybe I should start watching those "bullying" specials on TV with Nolan and reading books about bullying. We all know how those issues can turn out. My poor baby. It makes me even more upset that even when they do see it and write an incident report, it's anonymous. They won't tell us who the convicted suspect is, otherwise I would punch the kid in the face and then for fun bite him/her on their back. Sorry...little protective here. That's probably a good idea that they keep the kids name a secret because revenge is a bitch.

And just a reminder to myself...I need to blog about my FANTASTIC weekend with my longtime girlfriends that I grew up with. It was amazing, but too short. Lots of fun pictures which I need to upload. I'm not allowing myself to post a blog until there are pictures on the computer. At least now I should have more time to myself and the computer since I'm officially out of work for the next couple of months (wish it could be longer...)

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