Can't sleep

Merry Christmas Eve!

It doesn't really feel like the holidays this year. We celebrated Christmas last weekend with my family so I feel like I should already be taking down the tree, not to mention Mr. 16 Month Old has basically shed our lower half of our tree of it's ornaments so it looks pretty odd, but oh well. I'm sure at this point it will stay up well past Valentine's day.

I'm still up. It's nearly midnight. I have not been sleeping well at all, but tonight is the worst. I didn't take a benedryl like I normally do before bed so I itched for a while, tossed and turned, and then almost threw up from my serious acid reflux issue (that's after taking daily medication for that). Just a side note: I have woken up in the middle of the night throwing up stomach acid and dinner twice in the past week. I hate that. It's worse than morning sickness. Sometimes I worry about throwing up on Dennis. He's lucky that hasn't happened yet. Back on track, I also can't sleep because I'm pretty sure my neighbor shot his family tonight and was dragging them around the house all night. I don't know what's going on over there but I keep listening to see if I need to call the police. What a morbid though, I guess I'm in a morbid mood. But seriously...we did hear gun shots earlier tonight and we don't even live in the ghetto! Oh well, I finally took a benedryl...got more acid reflux so now I'm on the computer until who knows when.

I still have so much to get done before Monday but I can't find the energy to do anything. The whole "nesting" thing hasn't happened to met yet or burst of energy before delivery. I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't going to have a c-section on Monday, Kaleb would stay put for weeks longer. I actually had some contractions last week while at my OB's office getting a NST done so he did an eternal check which I was just POSITIVE would come back with you are definitely going into labor today. Nope. Nothing. My doctor said, "would you be upset if I told you that you're completely closed and he's way up there?"...I said yes and he kind of chuckled and said something like well then he's not saying that. Apparently I have a pretty comfy uterus, *shrug*.

Alright, well I'm going to go play on pogo until this Benedryl kicks in and I can get past the feeling like I'm about to throw up all over the place. See ya tomorrow...

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We'll be thinking of all of you tomorrow.

Toyin O.

Hope you are feeling a lot better by now.

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