Dennis Was Admitted to the Hospital

Yep. You read right. Last night around 9:30ish p.m Dennis pulled out his cell phone and put his fingers to his throat to see what his pulse was. He looked pretty freaked out. I asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital and he said he thought so, that immediately told me something was wrong. He also mentioned possibly calling 911, ugh what?! I ran upstairs packed our things, woke Nolan up, got everyone in the car, put the travel stroller in the car and RACED to the hospital. I was fine knowing we were going to the closest hospital to our house because they had just renovated the place and I was sure it was going to be much nicer than the dump I've been to with clients in the past. I was wrong. They are STILL renovating the ER department, which was basically a small desk with a curtain (like you would find in a war area) to take vitals. Dennis went straight in and I unpacked everything and Nolan from the car. Once I got in they took him back for an x-ray and then he came back out and a man nurse wisked him away. I was asking if I could go back and Dennis just said no because of Nolan. His nurse could have had the decency to explain SOMETHING to me. I was freaking out. Why was he going straight to a room, ahead of all of these other ER patients who are still waiting? What is going on?

I was scared and mad. I had left my cell phone back at home in the panic of trying to get everything packed so we could leave quickly. I couldn't call anyone to help with Nolan and have no family here to help out really anyway. I was able to speak to one of the lady's at the dump of an admissions desk who snuck (is that a word?) us back to Dennis' room for a quick minute until his man nurse got back. I was able to get Dennis' phone to try to call a friend of mine but no answer. Nolan and I went back to the waiting room, I was a wreck. No news from Dennis, they could at least update me. I even at times pictured myself cussing out one of the women at the lame desk or demanding to be put back in the room with him. I'm bold...but not THAT bold apparently. Dennis finally called me and told me that they were admitting him, so I told him to ask someone to let me back there immediately. The same lady at the admissions desk took me back and again told me only a minute. I stayed for at least 5 minutes, HAH take that Florida Hospital! No answers as to what was going on. Dennis' BP was apparently sky high when he was first seen and had come down some but not enough.

Dennis will probably come home tomorrow but before that will get an EKG (just like Baby K!) and a stress test. Hopefully I can find someone to watch Nolan for a few hours tomorrow so I can be there for Dennis. I am so mad at this hospital. What do they think my 16 month old sleeping son is going to do, cause a riot or provide them with an outbreak of Cholera? Give me a break you assholes! Sorry for the language...clearly I am not over this!

Hopefully I can get some type of sleep tonight...I'm exhausted but too worried to do much sleeping. I don't even remember the last time Dennis and I spent a night apart....the only time I can think of is when he went to Texas MONTHS ago to spend time with his bestfriend that needed him. That was only for a couple of nights....before that it was probably when I moved to Florida nearly 4 years ago. Oh how I love that man!

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