The "normal" things...

For the past two months my life has been completely turned upside down. It's a nice break in between specialist appointments to "forget" all of the insanity that has been happening lately. I have been marveling at the smallest things in this pregnancy and trying to carry on as if my 20th week of pregnancy never even happened. :)

We found a new home for our basset hound, Sadie, this past weekend. I was surprised that I wasn't sad and didn't cry. I think it was because we found Sadie something equivalent to the "pent house" for us humans. She is now at a home with another basset female who is the same age as her, Mandy. Her new "mommy" has a beautiful home with doggy doors to the large backyard. Dennis and I have never even had a fenced back yard for Sadie. We've never been able to spoil our animals but we provide them with their basic needs. With Kaleb coming soon so much is unknown, it's not fair to animals (especially older animals who need a constant routine) to leave them home while we are in the hospital for days at a time and the medical bills don't help either. Sadie is very lucky to be where she is and I am SO happy for her. We speak with her new "mommy" often and she has promised to stay in contact with us and send us photos! 

Nolan is now semi-mostly walking. He will take several steps but then gets excited that he is walking and will drop to the ground, plus he likes crawling better I think so it's hard to get him to completely walk. I am so proud of him!! I set a goal for Nolan to be walking by Halloween (so he can get mommy some good candy of course) and it seems like he is right on target for that! 

My pregnancy has been going well. I don't think Kaleb is coming anytime soon, he is so comfy in there. A very dear friend of mine from college in Texas is actually flying out to see us in a month to throw us a shower for Kaleb. I feel very lucky, especially since we had a shower with Nolan and were not expecting to have another one for Kaleb. I really want this to be about Kaleb and a celebration of hope for him. I'm trying to think of neat ways to celebrate him or cute ideas to do during the shower (everyone bring books and write a small thing to Kaleb...something like that). 

I am now 28 weeks 3 days (the three days count okay?!). Kaleb will be here no later than the end of December...so only about 2.5 months left. Where does all of the time go? I'm starting to get more and more anxious about Kaleb arriving and the fact that I still don't have his room ready, any furniture for him, or even a friggin middle name. Ugh, what am I going to do? I'd really like his middle name to be Austin but it doesn't really go with our last name. Back to square one :) Kaleb is a mover and a shaker, definitely not lazy at all which just gives me so much hope that he will be a fighter from day one! Kaleb is all up in my ribs and plays hourly punching bag games with my bladder. I never had either of those with Nolan, strange. I think it might have something to do with the fact that Nolan was always breech and Kaleb has always been head down. It's a very weird feeling and sometimes painful. 

Oh and I almost forgot! Recently Dennis has been hiding something from me, which normally means he is planning something for me. Well last night one of my best friends from Texas called and told me that she has been planning a trip to Florida with my other best friend (we all grew up together) and Dennis has been trying to help them. I am ecstatic!!!! I haven't seen them in probably...four years? They are coming to make sure I get a girls weekend, have I told you how excited I am? (seriously this kid is about to break my right ribs!!!) I think they will be here December 11th, I'm hoping and praying Kaleb can stay in that long so I can get one girls weekend! Please Kaleb? :) 

I'll try to keep this thing updated more often. Sometimes I neglect the caringbridge website on purpose, so I can focus more of the "normal" things in life but I need to keep this updated on all of the great things happening in our lives! 

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