My baby

Dear Nolan, 
I want to write you letters so that when you are older you can read them and see what you were doing at certain times. You are finally walking. Well, for the most part. You aren't the most balanced baby which may have a lot to do with your ears situation. Don't worry, mommy will work really hard to get that fixed. Your speech also may be somewhat behind, again due to your ears. Mommy and daddy understand you though. You say "thank you", "doggie", "ohhhh", and of course the mama and dada that you've known forever. You LOVE poking at baby K in mommy's tummy and yelling. I'm sure you are aware there is a baby in there. You are the happiest baby I have ever met. I love seeing you in the mornings because you are so happy. I love picking you up from daycare because again...you are so happy. You make all the wrongs in the world alright for mommy. You LOVE to clean, I'm pretty worried about you being OCD but for now it's something you enjoy so I let you enjoy it (plus I get a clean house out of it). Sometimes I just look at you and cry. I want your life to be so wonderful. It hurts because I'm very scared that when Kaleb is born you will feel left out because baby K is going to need a lot of help and attention. I just hope you can look back on this journal and see how much mommy and daddy love you. I hope that having a special needs brother will make you more compassionate and understanding of others. I'm crying as I write this and you just looked at me and started dancing to the music that I have on and then hugged my legs. You are such a happy boy and I hope you stay that way. I love you bean! 


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Aw, what a beautiful letter. The part about him liking to poke Baby K made me smile. :) Hopefully, he'll somehow understand that his little brother needs a little extra help from mommy and daddy. Toddlers are more intuitive than you'd think... sometimes, they just seem to KNOW certain things. They sense emotions. I'm sure he'll be a great big brother!


Jess- did you get one of my recent comments on your blog with my email address? I'd love to talk with you more, I feel such a connection to you since we are going through some of the same things at the same exact time (and I just found our birthdays are only a few days apart), lol! Let me know if you got it.

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