Lost and Found and Connections Abound

I've never heard of the above mentioned name...I guess it's a blog about blogs? It gives the reader information about what is happening on blogs around the internet regarding mommies (from what I can gather?). Last week I wrote a post about HLHS and found 13 new comments, odd. So of course I read them and they all said they were from LFCA. I had no idea what this was because it doesn't stand for any of the acronyms that I've been told my son has or specialists I've worked with or boards I've joined. I commented back hoping someone would see my question as to what LFCA was and they told me about "Lost and Found and Connections Abound". So I read...my blog was posted on August 31st under miscellaneous support and celebrations. See link below...

LCFA August 31st

  • My Mommy Moments has received a poor prenatal diagnosis, and is having a rough time. Please stop by an offer her some support.

I am beyond amazed that my blog showed up there and don't even know who to thank. It really amazes me how a crisis can bring people together. I probably say it a million times but I can't believe all of the support we have gotten from people who don't even know us. It makes things easier to deal with for now and I enjoy making connections with people. Sometimes I feel that all of this going on has distanced some people from us. Maybe they don't know what to say or are afraid I'll break into tears if they mention my son and his diagnosis. There is a possibility I will break in to tears but I feel better when people talk directly to me about what is going on than ignore the situation and act like everything is happiness around me. It's really an awkward feeling.

Anyways, thank you LCFA for your support!!

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I'm so glad people from LFCA stopped by. It's a great place to find people for support. Someone sent my blog to them after we lost our daughter, and I have made some amazing connections through that site. (((hugs)))


hi there I have 7 month old son and he has HLHS and has had two surgery but us doing great I am here for you jaydenssmallheart.blogspot.com


I remember the first time someone stopped by from LFCA to my blog and I was so humbled and grateful. It really helps to know that others are thinking of you.

And I have beent thinking of you and your precious son.

michelle k

That is so cool! People really are so good, you know? Very cool

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