Waiting? Yep!

That's right...we are still waiting for our results. I'm sure they don't work weekends so I'm getting frantic since I haven't heard from anyone. I've called the Genetic Counseling department (is that even what it's called) twice now and left a message, no call back. Do they have any idea how serious their jobs are? I'm sure they do but still...it feels like I'm just left in the balance. Yes, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, MAYBE the results aren't finished yet however my genetic counselor COULD call me and say just that, "I'm sorry but the results are not in yet, I'm sorry and I know how difficult this is"...or something to that affect. They could call me no matter what just so I'm not sitting here feeling forgotten. Really? How can I wait throughout the weekend. 24 hours seemed like an eternity for this kind of news. I'm getting to the point where a Xanax is going to be necessary...it's like a constant panic attack. I think their office closes in 32 minutes. Tick tock tick tock...

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