I am becoming more and more frantic as the days pass about what I'm going to do with the children (that sounds so weird) for daycare. Our daycare has told us they will give us 10% off Nolan's rate however that is still us paying ohhh I would say about $400 A WEEK. WTH? I absolutely love his daycare, he has friends and is attached. It breaks my heart to think about having to take him out of there, but I have to. Ugh. I'm a terrible mommy. There is just no way we can afford that. I am trying to find an in home place but I am so weary of those and to find one that will also have an infant opening at the same time they have a toddler opening is almost slim to none. Our last ditch idea would be Dennis to be a stay at home daddy but really, how hilarious is that idea? I would feel terrible. Dennis enjoys work and so do I. I'm sorry to all those "extreme" mommies out there but I don't want to be a stay at home mommy. Kids are great, no doubt but it's a different things to be home with them 24 hours unless that is the type of person you are. Like my dear friend Jessica. Maybe I could make her quit her job (my co-worker) and have her watch my kids and her son? GREAT IDEA!! Dennis wouldn't enjoy being a stay at home daddy even if he says he would. I think in the end it would cause a great amount of stress in our relationship and that is one thing that is actually going pretty great lately. :)

Jessica, if you read this start preparing your resignation letter. I'll miss you at work but you'll be GREAT at home with the kids. Thanks!

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