Busy July...always time for a temper tantrum.

Yep. My son is tantrum-ing already. Seriously? He's not even a year old yet. Does it really start this early? He's mad about EVERYTHING. This afternoon he wanted the remote (crying and screaming for it) so I let him have it (why not?)...he played with it for a few minutes and then threw it at me and starting crying all over again. He's obsessed with throwing...anything...at anyone or anything. Everyone keeps saying well maybe his teeth hurt. Look, he did just cut A TOOTH and only has TWO other teeth so it's not like he's growing five teeth a week, or I would understand. He is constantly mad. When the throwing obsession began I sat down and talked to Dennis about the possibility of him learning it from us. WHAT? I'm losing it. Like I go around throwing things at people. I was trying to find a logical explanation because I need something concrete rather than "that's just what kids do" sorta thing. This morning Nolan opened the bottom of the printer (where the paper comes out) and threw a handful of cheerios inside. We were supposed to go shopping today for his birthday but Nolan's morning nap ran through noon and I knew if we left then it would not only be scorching out but Nolan would be during his afternoon nap and therefore we would run the risk of him hurling random items at passer-byers at the stores. I'm going to try again tomorrow morning after breakfast...sometimes he's alright without his morning nap but that afternoon nap is a must have. Dennis is also working all weekend so this pregnant lady is all alone with a screaming-throwing-unhappy baby who also hits me on occasion. Thank god I've gotten most of my energy back from the first trimester so I'm not totally exhausted! Wish us luck tomorrow...

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