15 Weeks-Nemo

Today I'm 15 weeks pregnant..I'm in the second trimester. Oh yay. Can you tell I'm excited? When I was pregnant with Nolan I was sure every week actually meant I was A LOT closer to having a baby but even the last month you just want it to be over with so I'm not getting all excited every time I move to a new week or even trimester at this point. I have 5 more weeks until my level 2 u/s which will tell us if I'm going to have three boys (Dennis is a kid too!) or a pretty little girl with bows in her hair. :) I'd love to have a daughter but it would be really cool to see Nolan with a brother so close in age, they would be the bestest of friends. Anyways, that's FIVE weeks away...not getting to excited yet.

Pregnancy with Nolan was pure hell. I threw up almost DAILY for 8 MONTHS and had all sorts of other weird symptoms. The first trimester with nemo was terrible but in a different way. I only threw up once but I had very strong waves of nausea and I would have to search for suitable food (once ending up at Burger King and I don't even like the place...). Anyways, starting the second trimester things were much better. For about a week I had NO symptoms and things were GREAT. Then Little Ceasar's happened. Ugh. I was craving LC's and made Dennis go get my some, he got a pepperoni and cheese because he didn't know what I wanted. So in the car he opened one and started eating it so I dug in as well, terrible manners! After the first I got a wave of nausea like I was in the first trimester...normally then I would eat more and finally feel better with no throwing up. So I ate more pizza, duh. Suddenly I throw my hands over my mouth and tell Dennis I'm going to throw up in his car, Dennis runs a read light and pulls over on the side of the road...I jump out and I'm sure you can guess what happens next. Cars passing us by...one even honked at us. So embarrassing. Since then I'm throwing up a few times a week. Over the weekend I was alone with Nolan so I scooped him up and shut us in the bathroom together. Probably a terrible parenting moment but the other option was to leave Nolan in my bedroom where he can pull bookcases down and get into a lot of trouble so I opted to scar him for the rest of his life. Nolan just sat there starring at me, "WTH is wrong with this lady?"

Hopefully things don't last the entire pregnancy like with Nolan..ugh the thought of that scares me. I don't have any other weird symptoms but I think those came later on with Nolan.

I had my 2nd OB appointment on July 8th...we finally got to hear the heartbeat. I think it was something like 140bpm so of course the doctor says based on his experience he is guessing the baby is a boy. Maybe he would have liked to guess who was next in line to punch him? That's alright..I hear there are some girls in the world who had 140bpm in their mommies tummies...right? That's what Nolan's heart rate was my entire pregnancy. I am in so much trouble with three boys.

Nolan and Dennis team up...it's cute most of the time but sometimes (like 4am) it's just annoying. This morning Nolan woke up at 4am because he's teething and that always means an early wake up. So this morning I go to his room and he stands up and goes to the other end of his crib and looks into our room (they are on opposite sides of the hall) and looks for Dennis. Yes, at 4am my son is discriminating against me. So Nolan starts playing the game that I'm the one who taught Dennis how to play with Nolan where Nolan screams and then Dennis is supposed to scream back so Nolan know's he's there. So finally Dennis starts playing back from our room and Nolan just stands there playing the game with Dennis across the hall, AT FOUR AM! Hello?!?! Did I just wake up to rescue my pain ridden baby? Or am I just here to watch a game? Yesterday morning Nolan actually pushed my hand off of his crib while he looked for Dennis...Dennis wasn't here so he was stuck with me. Too bad kid.

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