5w5d Preggo

This is something I should have done with Nolan while I was pregnant. I'm going to keep these posts as private until we tell most people about this pregnancy. 

How far along? 5 weeks 5 days (at least I think so)Baby’s Size: a sweet pea!Total Weight Gain: only a couple of pounds but then I lose that weight, just depends on the week. Gender: I feel like it's a girl. Sleep: Still happening. I'm able to sleep a lot more comfortably this pregnancy (for the first trimester at least) than my pregnancy with Nolan. The first four weeks I was waking up some in the middle of the night having to pee but that has basically stopped. Now I just wake up rushing to the bathroom. Definitely exhausted though. I wave of exhaustion will just come over me at any point during the day and when that happens it's hard to keep my eyes open. Symptoms: exhaustion, nausea (sudden and quick at any time during the day), hungry all of the time, a like of pickles (i've never liked them or even tried them, I now have two jars in my fridge), a taste of metal in my mouth, crying in an instant for no real reason. Best Moments this week: Mother's Day but that wasn't particularly amazing by any standards (spent the entire day on plays with a screaming 9 month old), but it was still my first mother's day with Nolan and "sweet pea" so that is all that matters. Food Cravings: pickles. anything sour or salty. Food Aversions: none specifically but sometimes smells make me want to yak. We've walked into some restaurants the the smell was too much for me to deal with and made me nauseous. What I am Looking forward to: Our first OB appointment is in less than 1 week (5/19)!!! Milestones: Quit smoking, can that be one? :) 

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